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Aims / purpose of Wessex Regional Group

The Wessex Regional Group of the Arab Horse Society is a non-profit making organisation which was formed in the 1970's for the following purposes:

  • To support the aims of the national Arab Horse Society at a more local level;
    1. to promote the breeding and importation of pure-bred Arabians, and
    2. to encourage the wider use of Arab blood in light horse and pony breeding, and
    3. to promote the welfare of all horses and ponies.
  • To provide a local forum, within the Wessex area (central southern England), within which people can join with other like minded people to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of involvement with the Arabian horse.
  • To arrange various events, be they equine or social in character, for the enjoyment of its members in pursuing those common interests.

These activities are organised and controlled by an elected committee of members according to the rules and regulations contained in the written constitution of the Group.

The Group became a limited company associated to the Arab Horse Society in 2005 and changed its name to The Wessex Arabian Horse Group.