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 Cannock Chase 14th March EGB Competitive
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Mrs Vlacq
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Posted - 16 Mar 2009 :  8:13:54 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Mrs Vlacq to your friends list Send Mrs Vlacq a Private Message
Everyone I've heard from had a fab time so well done all the organisers.... is cake an essential part of endurance competiton then ???
'Ere Rachel - can't see your clip on the lovely Seb
(COR - I like the look of Rose too.... Shah wants a coloured girly like her to marry)

- V Khazad - V Calacirya & V Sulime - Quarida(L) - V Boogie Knights - V Hamra Tofiq
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Posted - 16 Mar 2009 :  11:02:12 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Lin123 to your friends list Send Lin123 a Private Message
Great photos, as always, Sue and good to see you, Cliff and Rose.

Mmmmmmm...the new receipe cake was yummy, thank you We had a lovely day and big thanks to all the organisers.

Linda x
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Silver Member

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Posted - 17 Mar 2009 :  08:55:19 AM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Gucci to your friends list Send Gucci a Private Message
It's a good job you can't see his back end then Laura. Cake is now essential at all our endurance rides as Sue has got us hooked on it - well hooked on her delicious home made ones anyway (especially the chocolate and black cherry) as I won't be able to look at my usual supermarket sponges ever again.
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Posted - 17 Mar 2009 :  12:49:37 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add loosefur to your friends list Send loosefur a Private Message
What a fantastic ride A brilliant addition to the calender and hopefully one that will be around for many years. Would be great to have a Cannock part 2 later in the year as well

Haj loved the going (no mud, no sand!), the sun shone all day and the course was well marked, plenty of ups and downs, twists and turns and no road work. Perfect. Thanks to all organisers and helpers for doing such a great job. And thanks to Helen and Rooster for being ride companions and Steve for allowing Haj to push his way in front whenever he held a bucket of water up for Rooster.
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Rozy Rider
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 17 Mar 2009 :  8:20:29 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Rozy Rider to your friends list Send Rozy Rider a Private Message
Yes, I agree Angela, thought it was great, great going, well marked, great vets, never had a mo to get bored, hoss loved it, great company, thanks Clare, Hooch & Rose realy happy to be back together, loved it...
Linda & Sam, got on the pic's and good to see you, sorry Mel & Malcolm missed the cake, glad they got their first 64's...catch you lot later..where's first, found out it's Taunton, then Wolvo, can't wait...

Leaving the photos Link. and the results times.
Well Done everyone.
CANNOCK CHASE (14/03/09)

64km Competitive Ride

Grade 1: No 1 C S Kabira M R Stubbs 13.6kph

No 19 Cascade Of Flame A J Hill 12.6kph

No 17 Cheeky Charlie K Counter 14.5kph

No 7 El Sabio A Masterson 14.7kph

No 22 Gilly J Watts 14.8kph

No 24 Ilinga Of Sharloam M P Davison 11.2kph

No 4 Madjin Des Pins P D Hirst 14.4kph

No 6 Millennium Chorus A Harrison 14.6kph

No 9 Ranazak G Talbot 13.9kph

No 10 Starfire Boy S Cowell 12.8kph

No 2 Stella I L Benwell 12.6kph

No 15 Velvet Echo L Parker 14.6kph

No 5 Vlacq Gilfae G Andrews 14.4kph

Grade 2: No 14 Kenitra Du Somail S Parr 12.7kph

No 3 Selasphorus R Rolfe 12.6kph

Grade 3: No 18 Ne Nada A Tennant 15.0kph

Grade 4: No 11 Benzuga H Cuming 12.8kph

Completion: No 23 Sharka M Greenaway 11.2kph

1 elimination

32km Competitive Ride

Grade 1: No 60 Alpha A Ings 15.1kph

No 34 Benedic C Shakles 13.6kph

No 39 Bonnie Safira J Doxey 12.1kph

No 12 Bright Chance B A Cucchi 16.2kph

No 87 Drysgoed Daydream S E Buckley 15.8kph

No 49 Rv Silver Shadow S Box 14.3kph

No 55 Saintwestwell R Davison 13.4kph

No 65 Sassan J Strong 13.6kph

No 69 Shahkayla P Conn 12.9kph

No 50 Zhiwah P Guerin 13.8kph

Grade 2: No 58 Ace Azir H Hill 16.0kph

No 35 Espace I Fletcher 12.9kph

No 44 Faleh L Reeves 11.9kph

No 52 Goldcrest Whitsun Dancer C Mascall 13.8kph

No 31 Hajar A Corner 12.6kph

No 48 Ianto B Rees 13.5kph

No 147 Lynvale Myway E Williams 13.5kph

No 66 Moonshiner C Hutchinson 12.7kph

No 68 Pillheath Royal Paddy M Corcoran 13.2kph

No 53 Silver Linnet C A Fricker 15.1kph

Grade 3: No 64 Duke II J Dickinson 12.1kph

No 61 Kensington D M Brew 15.0kph

No 40 Madison P Ingram 13.8kph

No 54 Mister Mylo M F Korn 13.4kph

No 45 Tallulah R D Tomlin 13.2kph

No 56 Toskara Gdaannsk V A Lancashire 16.0kph

No 67 Trinity I V Greene 12.0kph

Grade 4: No 41 Chi Lin Tashiq H Ingram 13.8kph

No 63 Irishtown Yerman V Drury 11.9kph

No 51 Stagborough Eliza J Sparrey 13.8kph

No 33 Sunny Boy Black Beauty J M West 11.4kph

Completion: No 47 Maraday Mystaron L J Cowperthwaite 12.1kph

No 43 Rashiek Ibn Malik B Reeves 11.9kph

1 elimination and 1 retired

32km Competitive Ride (Novice)

Grade 1: No 79 Belmont Gold C J Levitt 12.3kph

No 95 Dakota Willow G Williams 12.0kph

No 97 Favian Southey Star G Corcoran 13.2kph

No 75 Grey Salix J A Neale 12.2kph

No 91 Halim El Shaklan S Mellor 11.0kph

No 77 Hannibal's Pride J Stewart 14.6kph

No 36 Heathcliff N J Tweedie-Smith 12.8kph

No 37 Ibn Kayeed A J de Belin 12.8kph

No 82 Ilph Bahir S M Hudson 14.3kph

No 83 March Trooper A C Green 13.2kph

No 57 Maximillion Megan Barradell 11.6kph

No 71 Night Owl S Chamberlain 13.9kph

No 74 Seren Capella R Kinnarney 13.4kph

No 72 St. Flannans Niamh G Hasberry 10.7kph

No 46 Zorro Nazeero L Carroll 12.1kph

Grade 2: No 90 Angelina Ginny K Mellor 11.0kph

No 89 Autumn Storm Yvonne Harrison 11.7kph

No 92 Burnished Pearl M M Drew 12.3kph

No 84 Chevin Aramis Kate Hands Harvey 11.4kph

No 100 Das Jazz D Darville 12.2kph

No 73 Kilmiston Night Hawk S Barton 10.7kph

No 85 Oxnead Wheatear S A Farrall 11.4kph

No 94 Rose Collection S Evans 12.7kph

Grade 3: No 38 Equinox M Russell 12.8kph

No 30 Ley Lader H M Newton 12.6kph

No 70 Lovelyhill Stepping Out B J Davies 11.4kph

Grade 4: No 99 Granit C Collier 10.2kph

No 93 Lickeen Lakeview Milo H Richards 11.2kph

No 80 Spola From Old Hills J Fentiman 12.3kph

Completion: No 76 Brynllwydwyn Cysgod- A de La Motte 11.2kph


No 96 Heritage Messalina E D Videla 12.1kph

No 149 Serabitibi S Murphy 12.0kph

2 eliminations and 1 retired


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Rozy Rider
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 01 Apr 2009 :  9:57:38 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Rozy Rider to your friends list Send Rozy Rider a Private Message
Well I was as stiff as a board on the Sunday morning and who shgould ring up at 10am, yes. it was Helen, I'm just off to meet Di at cannock to do a bit of demarking..aree you coming..well, could'nt say no could we wnet, while Helen & Di were talking about where they were going to start, I said drop me off in the venue and I'll walk the route backward and see you in 3.1/2miles at the German the time I got there my my stiff as a board legs were nice and supple...It was all worth it and I cna't wait for next years ride to come around...hope everyone had good photos..


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Rozy Rider
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 01 Jun 2009 :  2:33:37 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Rozy Rider to your friends list Send Rozy Rider a Private Message
All Horse Mag for June has covered this ride and has added some great pic's.

Thanks to Julie Venus.
Cheers Sue


Edited by - Rozy Rider on 05 Jun 2009 12:50:21 AM
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