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 Need help - Dog dilemma
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Posted - 26 May 2009 :  09:18:09 AM  Show Profile  Visit angb's Homepage Bookmark this topic Add angb to your friends list Send angb a Private Message
Hi all - hoping you can help me out here.

Have a heartbreaking decision to make. I have a Staffie dog - entire, red, short legged, micro-chipped, wonderful nature, neighbour (whos is 73), walks him daily; now he attacked the collie at the weekend - working sheepdog collie, belongs to my husband. Wounds arent too bad, but the collie is really shaken, she also had a go back so the staffie doesnt look too great either at the moment
Husband is threatening the staffie with a new home or worse. Now I love this dog, he has got such a great personality and just makes you laugh, and obviously I dont want rid of him, but, would it just be kinder to find him a new home, where he can be loved by all.
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Posted - 26 May 2009 :  09:38:02 AM  Show Profile  Send Montikka an AOL message Bookmark this reply Add Montikka to your friends list Send Montikka a Private Message
Hi angb,

This is heartbreaking, but I know of two different people who have been in this position, the first had two terriers, one of which attacked the other very badly (the poor thing was curled in a ball shaking) after being patched up by the vet, it happened again. She tried to re-home with no luck so it was PTS.

The other case involved a Staffie and a Mastiff - the latter attacked the Staffie very badly. Again once it had happened once, it happened again. In this case they had the Staffie PTS (god knows why poor thing).

Sorry to be so gloomy but unless there was a very specific reason for the attack (that you can avoid in the future) it is very likely to happen again.

I have heard that Staffies are great with people but (sometimes) not too good with other dogs. It looks as though you may have to re-home one of them.

Very sad, I do sympathise xx

Louise, Warwickshire
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Posted - 26 May 2009 :  11:07:25 AM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Kharidian to your friends list Send Kharidian a Private Message
I wouldn't be too hasty. As long as you can control the situation (perhaps by muzzling the Staffie when the dogs are together) I'd get the Staffie castrated and see if that helps, although I AM surprised that he attacked a bitch.


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Acorn Arabians
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Posted - 26 May 2009 :  3:51:04 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Acorn Arabians to your friends list Send Acorn Arabians a Private Message
Staffie are people dogs and not recommended with other dogs, if it happened once it will happen again,its no life being muzzled and it will grow to resent you also if you do this. Best thing is find a home where there are no other dogs and therfore the risk is eliminated. I wouldtn take the risk personally.
Horrible dilema for you to be in.
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Honey Monster
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Posted - 28 May 2009 :  6:46:58 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add Honey Monster to your friends list Send Honey Monster a Private Message
Sorry to hear about this - unfortunately it can be a problem with staffies. Glad the collie is okay - she was lucky as they do have very powerful jaws and teeth that can do serious damage

When I am on my own (without my dogs) I will always speak to them as they are great friendly characters.

I know of sooooo many attacks by staffies. I had a collie cross many years ago that was attacked by a staffie that we knew very well but there was a little squabble - I didn't think too much about it, but with just a small dispute my dog ended up with part of his underside pulled out!

my friend had one with her collies - collies do tend to wind up staffies - and it attacked a couple of times and did extensive damage.

This is why I personally avoid all staffies when I am out with my dogs.

I really do feel for you - it isn't necessarily the answer to rehome as anyone else who has the dog will be taking on a dog that has, and may well again, attacked another dog. It is difficult with dogs living together and trying to make sure the other dog is safe - I know I had to try that and it isn't easy.

Sorry if I am not helping, but staffies are becoming a big problem for rehoming - so many of them out there.

Hope it works out for you.

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Posted - 29 May 2009 :  1:46:15 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add barbara.gregory to your friends list Send barbara.gregory a Private Message
Many years ago I took in a german shepherd who the owner could no longer keep; I already had one of my own. They were fine at first but the new dog gradually started to resent my dog being near me and it ended in her attacking my dog and I got badly bitten trying to separate them. They were both badly bitten and as I had two young children then it could have been a lot worse if they had started a fight near them; they could have been killed. I had never seen dogs fighting properly before and it was very scarey.

I manged to find her a lovely home in the country but she wouldn't settle with the new owners, she just paced and fretted until I visited and then she was happy when I was there but howled and fretted when I left. They tried to make her happy but she seemed fixated with me and I stopped going to see but she still wouldn't settle and eventually they decided that it couldn't go on any longer. I sent my dog to friend for a week; she was a poppet and loved everyone and we used to walk our dogs together so my dog had a lovely holiday (we used to have each other's dogs when we went on holiday) and I took the other dog home for the week to give her some happy days and then had her PTS. She was such a beautiful dog it broke my heart but she was very obsessive over me and didn't really like my children near me.

I think you will have problems, the staffie needs to be in a one dog family where it can be safely walked on a lead. Sorry to be a pessimist but it will get worse and someone will be badly hurt.


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Posted - 29 May 2009 :  3:17:07 PM  Show Profile Bookmark this reply Add deebee to your friends list Send deebee a Private Message
just a thought, what about trying a professional animal behaviourist? I do actually know of two who might help, depending on where you are but you might be able to find one yourself anyway. Not a gimmicky one, but one who has studied animal behaviour and why they do the things they do!

Might give you a much-needed different take on it?
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Posted - 29 May 2009 :  9:41:54 PM  Show Profile  Visit angb's Homepage Bookmark this reply Add angb to your friends list Send angb a Private Message
A huge big thanks for all your input on this, things have settled down at the moment. Darent take my eyes of the pair of them when they are in the garden with everyone else ( have 7 dogs in total, together - everyone else gets along fine! )

Hubby hasnt threatened anything else at the moment, so we will just have to see how it goes, but I dread the worst

Thank you all once again
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