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T O P I C    R E V I E W
LYNDILOU Posted - 01 Oct 2009 : 10:39:37 AM
I thought about starting a new quiz on the lines of the old ones where you start with 5 * answer the question correctly and you get to keep the 5*'s ask for a clue and the *'s go down for each clue there will be a prize for the winner. the quiz to run for october only, all the answers can be found on the web site or in books , magazines, ( no personal photos ) starting tonight from 6pm.
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Arabian Girl Posted - 27 Feb 2010 : 12:06:39 PM
i dont come in the quiz room for no apparent reeason but i have today on my lunch break i must say it had me most intrested,, i take another look when i get home....dont think i would have got any of them are all too clever..well done Lynda for all your postings as i am one that puts pictures up and it does take effort
LYNDILOU Posted - 02 Nov 2009 : 07:55:40 AM
LOL I put a thread about the quiz on the main forum but although it has had 380 plus looks( I think) only 4 replies and two of those were me I did it because I wanted to draw attention to the quiz room so that maybe more people would come in here , but alas, it didnt , if any of you can, could you maybe go on the Denise thread and just say well done to her please?
LYNDILOU Posted - 01 Nov 2009 : 10:16:50 PM
opps sorry, I hadnt looked in here since the quiz finished and didnt all see your posts you are most welcome as I too have enjoyed looking through all the horses again. you girls are the clever ones all who joined the quiz and studied the amazing animals we know as the Arabian horse, their history, mystery and magic, ( I for one never cease to be enthralled by them)
give yourselves a pat on the back, well done all of you
Lila Posted - 01 Nov 2009 : 8:05:11 PM
Yep Lynda you did a great job, and you where fast to keep up with us and with clues etc.

littlearabians Posted - 01 Nov 2009 : 4:58:46 PM
i would also like to say thank you Lynda for a great quiz... and offer i made for a prize in another quiz is always open.
Lanabanana Posted - 01 Nov 2009 : 12:20:50 AM
Well I am chuffed
I put in a lot of time searching for these gorgeous beasts and learnt a lot along the way (I think), but not half as much time as Lynda must have put in finding the photos and thinking up clues, so thankyou to Lynda for putting in a marathon effort
Lila Posted - 31 Oct 2009 : 1:18:31 PM
Oh Lynda, sorry i did not want to push you into giving me a prize but if you insist I would be sooooo happy to get a little prize!!!!!!

Kind regards, Monique
LYNDILOU Posted - 31 Oct 2009 : 12:58:06 PM
Sme your address Lila, I think you should get a prize
Lila Posted - 31 Oct 2009 : 11:36:37 AM
OOOHHH What a pity that I don't get a prize!!

LYNDILOU Posted - 31 Oct 2009 : 07:34:17 AM
yes it is Ararat, well done, and it looks like you went to a lot of trouble to find him! also well done Nerusa
ok I have added up the scores as best I can, but I would like you to add up your own scores to be on the safe side, but Denise is the clear winner with my score adding up to 124? followed by Delyth at 77? and Lila at 63.
Thank you all for playing the October quiz
Denise and Delyth as prize winners will you e mail me your addresses
thanks ,
Nerusa Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 10:22:28 PM
Damn, I just found it as Ararat as well!
Lanabanana Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 10:18:32 PM
From what it says in this link I think it may be Ararat? I haven't found that photo though.
LYNDILOU Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 10:05:31 PM
no sorry , born 1985, polish national champion 1999
Nerusa Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 9:47:08 PM
LYNDILOU Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 9:11:09 PM
no sorry
Lila Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 8:31:19 PM

LYNDILOU Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 8:13:03 PM
Although said to be Polish, his grandsire was Aswan! this horse was a chief sire at the Polish state stud ( god I hope I have my facts right this time !)
Lila Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 7:47:29 PM
No can not find him or her, gggggrrrrrr!!!

Lanabanana Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 7:22:13 PM
Hi, Just got in, I'll have another look in a minute
LYNDILOU Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 7:09:57 PM
Helloo?anyone got the last horse yet?
LYNDILOU Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 3:38:32 PM
can you please tell me what you make your own scores before I tell you my total ?
LYNDILOU Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 3:08:27 PM
once more I appologise then, I just saw the picture with the name and thought That must be the horse at Unm qarn, obviously not !, still I am finishing tonight and someone else can take over , its been quiet a hard slog trying to find the right horses and a good mixture to boot no sorry not SE , so not he , clue for free its PP
Lanabanana Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 2:04:46 PM
You're absolutely right Delyth, but this horse has the same name, that's how I found her in the end, this one is by Algier Of course she isn't the same horse that appears in my catalogue, but there isn't a photo anyway. I was so pleased that I'd found the photo I didn't check the sire.
ETA I've just double checked and this one is actually spelt Minerva.
Delyth Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 1:47:06 PM
Minnerva was a Muscat daughter at Umm Qarn ?? Thats not her !!
Lanabanana Posted - 30 Oct 2009 : 11:47:53 AM
I haven't had a wild guess lately so I'm going to say is it Prince Fa Moniet?
I've found a photo of him that looks virtually identical, but it's by a different photographer.....not at all confident about this one though
I'm really going to miss this quiz, perhaps I'll try one of the others, although I'm not very good at the general horse stuff and I'm really rubbish at setting questions
I wish more people had carried on with this quiz, makes it much more fun, but it is very quiet on AL and the other forums I go on at the moment.

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