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Carmargue - A National Treasure

When I first became interested in Arabs and going to the shows, which must have been about 10 years ago now, my attention was always caught by a certain type of horse. I soon found out that all these horses were related to Carmargue. From that day on I decided I had to have a Carmargue horse of my own!

Carmargue offspring all have seem to have the same qualities. They are full of presence and have a distinct ‘look’. I think the word I’m looking for is ethereal. They are the fairytale Arabian.

I was lucky enough to ‘meet’ Carmargue twice, once when he was with Ann Green and secondly when he was at Silverdale. He was such a wonderful horse that I became even more determined to have a Carmargue horse!!.

Lykia, (G Iridis x Letisha by Esta Espashan)

In 2001, my friend Jackie Mackenzie and I sent my Fawor daughter, SFA Elysiah to Narismma (WSA Charismma x Nazeika by Om el Azadik) at Silverdale; this resulted in the lovely colt, Esteban Ibn Narismma. Next, I was able to purchase Lykia, (G Iridis x Letisha by Esta Espashan) from Sue Richards at Ty-Draw in Wales. Last year, I was lucky enough to be invited by Rebecca, Seamus and Wendy from Silverdale to the party that welcomed Om el Shaheen (Sanadik el Shaklan x Om el Shaina by Carmargue) to England. You can read more about that on another part of Arabian Lines. That very night, I arranged for SFA Passionata (Fawor x Fortunata MSC by DWD Tabasco) to visit Om el Shaheen. After what seemed a very long wait, in January this year, another lovely colt arrived Faramir CA (pending) the dream to have one Carmargue horse seems to have expanded and my collection of Carmargue related horses is growing!! A filly would be nice though!

Two things have prompted me to put pen to paper today. The first is the fact that Carmargue has recently crossed ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ and I thought it would be nice if other owners of these wonderful horses shared them and perhaps, their memories of Carmargue with us. The second is that today, I visited Lynda Free of Dreamfield Arabians, home of WSA Charismma by Carmargue x Bint Shantu Halima, I had a lovely visit. The last time I saw Charismma he was at Silverdale where he was a snow white stallion, today he is a lovely flea bitten grey with exactly the temperament you would expect from this line. His daughters are beautiful. I was particularly taken with Prima Ballerina, a lovely grey 2 year old filly out of DF Ballerina.

Recently, I have received an invitation by Alun Protheroe to visit The Source as it were. This is an invitation I can't wait to take up!

Anne Cunningham
Cliffend Arabians