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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Ari Posted - 19 Sep 2017 : 7:23:33 PM
Those who saw my kidney dog posts know that Dex has health issues. Now 16 yrs he has had kidney disease for 3 yrs however it hasn't effected him at all or got worse other than it limits pain meds for his old joints so has Cimalgex. He also has dementia so has meds for that.
To be honest I wouldn't disagree with anybody that thinks ok time to say enough, however this is one terrific terrier who eats well, sleeps well, enjoys a run down hill and a tootle round his fields at his own pace.
He's only small so not heavy to carry if he's tired or can't do the stairs, while ever them eyes show quality of life, he enjoys his food and is please when I come home then all good.
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sab2 Posted - 29 Jan 2019 : 7:23:29 PM
Hope your doing ok Ari, it's a year tomorrow since I lost my beautiful boy I hope Percy and Dexter are enjoying chasing bunnies up there.
Ari Posted - 10 Oct 2018 : 7:22:02 PM
Hi Garnet, not been on here myself for a long time. Just logged back in and will keep up as its sad this great forum hasn't the traffic it once had. Hope you are good.
garnet Posted - 07 Sep 2018 : 8:45:48 PM
I haven't been on here for a long time - I am so sorry to see that both Dexter and Percy have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I loved reading about them. xxxx
faymouse Posted - 21 Feb 2018 : 12:41:41 PM
So very sad to read of your loss, they leave a very big hole in your heart that only time will ease.Be content in knowing you did your very best for him,no one could have cared more than you xx
sab2 Posted - 03 Feb 2018 : 6:40:29 PM
What a heartbreaking post this turned into
Ari Posted - 03 Feb 2018 : 6:02:37 PM
So very sorry Sally, you loved and cared for Percy so much.. To loose an oldie is sad to loose Percy is devastating. Let's think of Percy putting up bunnies for Dexter to chase xxx
FireLight Posted - 02 Feb 2018 : 7:20:17 PM
So sorry Sab2. Percy will now be causing havoc with Dexter over the rainbow bridge. Stay strong and keep your happy memories close.
sab2 Posted - 01 Feb 2018 : 7:53:58 PM
Heartbroken to say Percy died suddenly on Tuesday morrning, I have no words I am devastated.
Ari Posted - 29 Jan 2018 : 8:03:45 PM
Your kindness is appreciated. Can I say to see Dex become ill and detoriate was my sadness however I know the fabulous life he had so to be able to do the last kindness for him was the last loving thing I did.
Not afraid to love and loose again, life is for the living xx
sab2 Posted - 12 Jan 2018 : 7:16:50 PM
So very sorry Ari my heart goes out to you. Today we had to say goodbye to our lovely old cat, he would of been 17yrs in a couple of months. Heartbreaking and it never gets any easier dose it, sending you huge big hugs xx run free Dexter and Thomas xx
FireLight Posted - 12 Jan 2018 : 12:25:35 PM
So sorry to read this Ari. Dexter gave you so much pleasure and love and I always enjoyed reading about his antics. He had a brilliant life and yours will feel so empty without him, but you have fantastic memories and they will keep you going.
Ari Posted - 10 Jan 2018 : 7:55:09 PM
Had to do my last kind thing for Dexter 27/12, when the vet said he has no awareness I was reassured sleep was best. Dementia is a terrible thing, taking our loved ones whilst we compensate by upping the care.
He always slept next to me to the end and memories of his of last few months are giving way to happier years spent with my terrific terrier.
sab2 Posted - 17 Nov 2017 : 8:50:17 PM
Glad he's feeling well, clever boy Dexter. Percy had a relapse yesterday and I rushed him to vets, they have changed his antibiotics and also given him some tablets to help with his bladder and today he seems a bit happier.
Ari Posted - 16 Nov 2017 : 6:52:52 PM
Dex is doing good, what a grand old chap he eats so well, always happy and overcomes his disabilities with such enthusiasm and determination he amazes me as I am sure Percy will you.
Dexter and me say go Percy you can do it pal xxxx

sab2 Posted - 15 Nov 2017 : 9:41:03 PM
I have joined a page on FB for blind dogs and they ha e been e er so helpful and supportive, lots of blind doggies on there , one is deaf, blind and only three legs. It's amazing how they cope. How's Dexter doing, hope he's feeling well, Percy sends him a lick and a tail wag.
Ari Posted - 14 Nov 2017 : 5:57:23 PM
I,ve renamed "our post" Glad Percy is doing as well as expected. I've had a Google (as I'm sure you have) and lots of help/ advice. One thing stuck .... "Dogs adapt and deal with blindness better than owners expect as they live in the moment with no sense of loss". Sight maybe our top sense however its third for a dog behind smell and hearing.
Percy is a tough chap surrounded by so much love and care a I am sure he will do well.
Keep us updated
Ziadomira Posted - 14 Nov 2017 : 4:57:44 PM
Thinking of you both and praying for poor Percy as well. Seems like lots of doggies in my prayers. St Francis will be busy
sab2 Posted - 13 Nov 2017 : 9:39:24 PM
Well he had his op on Thursday to remove his eyes. I have to say I was dreading it but I brought him home Friday night and he's doing well considering. Back at vets tomorrow to check on stitches etc and am hoping they will slowly start to reduce the steriods he's on as I am having to get up during the night to take him out for a wee.
Ari Posted - 10 Nov 2017 : 1:15:05 PM
What sad news, will be thinking about you and Percy today. Hoping for a quick recovery and the best possible outcome in that he adapts well.
sab2 Posted - 08 Nov 2017 : 6:01:42 PM
So pleased he's doing well. Sadly cannot say the same for Percy, specialists can offer no futher treatment to help his eyes and my options are to remove both his eyes or pts. Of course pts is not an option so he is booked in tomorrow for surgery and he will be allowed home Friday night. I am heartbroken for him, he's only five and has gone through so much with his Addison's. But nothing we can do but try to help him adapt and try to be positive for him. They think he may also lose his hearing poor boy
Ari Posted - 06 Nov 2017 : 6:01:19 PM
Sorry to hear your news about Percy, I so hope the vets can save some of his sight. Dex is doing ok, still has quality of life, eating well, happy when I come home and enjoys going for a tootle in the fields. Thinking back 3yrs I was heartbroken when he was diagnosed with kidney failure however he has got no worse in all that time. It's his brain (dementia) that will get him not his kidneys. There are times he drives me barmy, good job I love him so much.
His eyesight has been poor for years so could well be blind, his was slow onset and it's been a shock to Percy however the possitive is dogs do adapt remarkably well.
Dolly my Cokerpoo had an auto immune problem that needed a course of steroids 2 years ago and she too drank and ate so much. They did the job though so all paws, hooves and fingers crossed for Percy.
Keep in touch, I will check this forum x
sab2 Posted - 05 Nov 2017 : 8:32:23 PM
How's Dexter doing Ari, hope he's still going strong. I shot myself in the foot by saying Percy was doing well, we are presently trying to save his eyes. We have been backwards and forwards to specialists and they think ( not 100%) that his immune system is fighting against itself. He's just about blind now but we are praying that they can save at least some of his eyesight but they are not very hopeful. Poor boys on 22tablets and drops nine times a day. I get up with him during the night as he's on 80mg steriods so drinking lots of water, feel very helpless and cannot explain to him when he cannot see, I have to hold his collar when we go out for a wee as he walks into things. I am hoping Dex is ok , you have been quiet and that makes me worry.
Ari Posted - 24 Sep 2017 : 5:25:02 PM
Hi Sally I am so pleased that Percy is doing good. To have to say goodbye to any oldie who's been part of your life and family is heartbreaking however somehow we know the time is right and take some comfort from that. A physically healthy horse like your lady however old with disabilities compromising quality of life is even harder on the mind and heart. A horse however domesticated has to be able to enjoy life and for a horse sight and ability to move freely is a huge thing.
They all give so much happiness, companionship and love I dread the pain of loosing however it will never stop me sharing my love xxx
FireLight Posted - 24 Sep 2017 : 12:02:52 PM
Sorry to hear about Cracker but no doubt she was one pampered sheep living with you. Our animals bring us so much joy and happiness but also a lot of heartache but life would but very sad without a furry to love. x
sab2 Posted - 23 Sep 2017 : 7:13:38 PM
Ari he is so lucky to have you as his mummy, we get do much fun from our animals but they also break our heArts when we have to say goodbye. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to e of my old sheep Cracker, sobbed as the vet pts,, before he did I asked him to double check I was doing the right thing which he confirmed . To some she was just a sheep, to me she was a family member who we loved and enjoyed. I also am trying to prepare myself to say goodbye to my Arab mare, she looks fantastic but sadly she's not sound and her eyesight is such that she now only see,s fuzz, I am dreading it but know it has to be done.big hugs to Dexter from me and Percy who luckily is doing very well with his Addison's disease .

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