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 Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) , A Serious Concern

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
szedlisa Posted - 12 Jan 2007 : 8:16:38 PM
CA is a defective genetic allele appearing in ALL Arabian Bloodlines. Please Read~
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
BeckyBoodle Posted - 17 Dec 2013 : 10:38:41 PM
Just wanted to share these links to remind everyone about CA and the importance of testing. They show the most beautiful little colt who unfortunately is no longer with us. Hopefully these videos will help show how important it is to be aware of CA and test. He really had the most beautiful head and such a profoundly deep and sad look in his eye. Even in his short life he was special.
Brigid Fairman Posted - 02 Oct 2012 : 6:04:01 PM
I find this thread very interesting as I owned an endurance horse who would suddenly lose co-ordination and fall down. He would also go disunited in canter. The episodes were very brief and he would immediately spring to his feet. I had him looked at by Sue Dyson at the Animal Health Trust but her findings were inconclusive. Watching him suddenly collapse while being lunged made up my mind for me never to ride him again. He eventually broke a leg in the field and was put down.
szedlisa Posted - 10 Aug 2011 : 12:38:16 PM
Newly posted Test Lab in the UK.

Also we have a professional webmaster in charge now and the CA Public Lists have been condenced into ONE Alphabetisized Public List. So much easier to search for horses now.

szedlisa Posted - 12 Mar 2011 : 4:28:21 PM

The laboratory of the Netherlands @ Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium (VGL)is now offerring in-house testing with the new CA test at very reasonable prices:

€42.50 = US$59.08, €40.00 = US$55.61, €15.00 = US$20.85, €70.00 = US$97.32. (current exchange rate 12Mar2011)

- CA ONLY @ 42.50€ (single samples)
- SCID ONLY @ 40.00€ (single samples)
- LFS ONLY @ 40.00€ (single samples)
- Optional ADD DNA-Profile @ + 15.00€ (single samples)

- COMBO: CA + SCID + LFS + DNA-Profile @70.00€

Click HERE for the information flyer
The test can be done on hair roots or blood. Please send in the material and a sample submission form, which you can print out from our website. ("Genetic properties') If you cannot print them please let us know and we will send some sample submission forms by post. You do not need an import permit within the European Union.

Dr. Van Haeringen Laboratorium BV
P.O. Box 408
6700 AK Wageningen
Tel +31 317 416 402
Fax +31 317 426 117
szedlisa Posted - 10 Jan 2011 : 2:06:22 PM
For any of you who have been concerned about the validity of the CA Marker Scanning test please go to the CA WEBsite for the latest NEWS!

The Causative Mutation has been identified at UC Davis ´s VGL lab.

This is really exciting news and soon there will be more to come!

barbara.gregory Posted - 02 Dec 2010 : 11:29:32 PM
Thanks, Lisa. I assumed that it was just a random thing as I have occasionally seen my new foals get up back end first and never thought any more about it and, as you say, the birth is down to mum.

szedlisa Posted - 02 Dec 2010 : 02:46:37 AM

As we all know too well, new born foals have a pretty wobbly time of it when trying to get to their feet. I have seen perfectly normal foals use their muzzle to support themselves as they try to stand.

A CA Affected foal is going to have a difficult time trying not to run into things once it is on its legs. The most noticable clinical sign of CA is the head tremors.

As for the protracted birth , that is more of a problem of the mare´s, not the foal´s condition. The mare is the one trying to push the foal out. The foal is just going along with the whole proceedure.

barbara.gregory Posted - 01 Dec 2010 : 10:07:14 PM
I have just been rereading this thread and I noticed that an affected foal had "a protracted birth and took a long time to stand. it also stood at the back end first rather than at the front". Is this usual in CA affected foals and is standing with the rear end first indicative of CA in the newborn as I understood from the literature that CA foals were normal for weeks/months after birth and only developed symptoms as the purkinge cells died off rather than developed?

szedlisa Posted - 23 Oct 2010 : 4:10:40 PM
The latest statistics are in

This week we received the latest statistics from UC Davis. Nothing changed much from the previous information, which means that the carrier percentage remains the same, just under 20%.

Disclosures of carriers and clears on the CA website also stayed steady at ~ 12% and 86% respectively. These numbers vary strongly from those of UC Davis, but logically owners are swifter to disclose a clear rather than a carrier.

For the complete overview go to the statistics page.

szedlisa Posted - 28 Sep 2010 : 11:43:25 PM

The above is based on the September Bulletin of the AHSA:

1st January 2011 is the cut off date.
- No imported breeding stock will be allowed to be registered unless DNA results of tests for SCID, CA and LFS are presented to the AHSA.
- No imported semen will be allowed for use unless AHSA has receipt of DNA tests for SCID, CA and LFS.
- The Board is also actively investigating the testing of ALL nominated stallions for SCID, CA, LFS and GPA (as tests become available) with the intention of publishing the results on the online Stud Book.

The CA WEB has this information also on the Latest News Page:

szedlisa Posted - 18 Apr 2010 : 04:02:05 AM

Now on the heels of the Swiss Registry accepting compulsorary testing for CA , we
have Saturday´s results in on:

VZAP (German Arabian Registry)

German to English translation
Results of the Annual General Meeting:

All breeding horses, whether new or old, mare or stallion must be tested.
Breeding animals that are re-recorded must be tested immediately, the "old" have a transitional measure until 31.12.2011.

There were no abstentions - so there were all members present 100% for the tests.

The already made tests are accepted in full.

Hopefully this will give other registries an incentive to do the same.!

szedlisa Posted - 09 Apr 2010 : 3:42:30 PM


I have heard from Dr, Penedo and LABOKLIN (UK) is also working in conjuction with UC Davis to do the CA testing. Same link as above and use their contact email to get more information.

szedlisa Posted - 15 Mar 2010 : 12:30:33 PM
There have been some changes at the CA website

Due to the amount of entries and space available on even this excellent band width, the CA Status List has been redesigned into two sections:

MAIN LIST with all entries posted in the order received: Horse Name + Identification + Status
CARRIER /AFFECTED LIST in alphabetical order with Horse Name + Identification + Status.

SEARCH OPTIONS remain the same on both pages:
- Use search box provided at top of each page for a page search.
- Right click on entry without number and do a Google Search. This usually brings up website / farm name / owner or breeder info.

Please note the following important additions:
Only owners of horses have the option to submit and publish two default CA derivatives under their own responsibility:
- "CA: Clear by parentage" - for a foal of which both parents are tested CA N/N CLEAR
- "CA: CARRIER by default (I)" - for a parent of a CA: CA/CA AFFECTED foal
- "CA: CARRIER by default (II)" - for a parent of a CA: N/CA CARRIER foal of which the other parent is CA: N/N CLEAR

The CA Marker Scanning Test was officially launched in September 2008. Horses tested by this method and those horses clinically diagnosed with a necropsy prior to this date are designated by the symbols N/N Clear, N/CA CARRIER or CA/CA AFFECTED where applicable. Horses which were vet diagnosed based on clinical signs but not clinically diagnosed with a post mortum microscopic study (Histopathic) are termed simply AFFECTED.

Thank you,
Avonbrook Posted - 03 Mar 2010 : 8:50:07 PM
Good to see, Pinto If the CA site is going to be a complete database there will be quite a few people Worldwide affected by the difficulties in posting colours so I guess they will want to change that.

Given that he is chestnut, even I managed to navigate the site to post that Marcus Aurelius is CA in addition to SCID clear .

pintoarabian Posted - 02 Mar 2010 : 9:05:17 PM
CA results for our gang in today:

Picasso Kossack (Kubinec x Popova) CA clear.SCID clear.
Rodania Karisma (Farrukh x Kadidja) CA Clear.SCID test pending.
Prima Ballerina (Thee Onyx x LC Special Treat)CA Clear.SCID clear.
Malibu Surfbreaker (Kennox Zalsun x Mistral Whisper)CA Clear.SCID clear.
TP Starbuck (Black Tie x TP Mystic Fire) CA Clear.SCID clear.
Incandescent Flame (TP Starbuck x Malibu Surfbreaker CA Clear.SCID clear (both parents tested clear).
AKA Starbuck's Champagne Star (TP Starbuck x Malibu Surfbreaker) CA Clear.SCID clear (both parents tested clear).
Roundhills Crystal King (Moonshine Vision x Shulay Coral) CA clear. SCID clear.
It's Showtyme (Infiniti Z x Hunter's Moon) CA clear. SCID clear.

Having a problem posting results for the part breds on the CA site as their colours aren't recognised and colour is a required field.
cookie Posted - 09 Feb 2010 : 11:42:24 PM
I am very pleased to be able to say that Pianist(Gazal al Shaqab x HS Pelagrina) has just tested N/N clear for CA.Still awaiting scid results.
Just had his Scid result back.Scid clear.
szedlisa Posted - 04 Feb 2010 : 2:12:00 PM

Congratulations ! That is great news. Be sure to share it and submit your test results to the CA Website:


Originally posted by JuliaB

Just had the CA result back on my daughter, Olivia's, 2 year old colt Phantom (Azteq x Pjatakova) which is clear (N/N). To say we are pleased is an understatement.
JuliaB Posted - 04 Feb 2010 : 09:22:04 AM
Just had the CA result back on my daughter, Olivia's, 2 year old colt Phantom (Azteq x Pjatakova) which is clear (N/N). To say we are pleased is an understatement.
szedlisa Posted - 03 Feb 2010 : 10:43:03 PM

I have emailed Trina our webmaster and my sincerst apologies for the mistake. As part of the CA website team , as stated on the Public List:

Owners or agents of the following horses have disclosed their results publicly on websites, public forums, equine journals or given permission privately. Any information unintentionally or otherwise wrongly posted will be removed with-in 48 hours upon request of owner or authorized agent.

Our team consists of myself , Trina the webmaster (and owner of an affected foal) and Gideon who most generously donated the website domain for us. Trina is on the far side of the US so the time difference sometimes is a handicap but I assure you she will correct it as soon as possible.

Again my sincerest apologies for the mistake of typying SCID clear instead of a SCID carrier

Sirius Posted - 03 Feb 2010 : 9:50:20 PM
Just a little request:

Yesterday (2/2/09) I posted our first 4 results on one of the CA threads, before submitting them to the CA website.

Today I checked the international list. Someone had posted our results there before my own submission (described as "on" in the header - which means how the information was gathered).

Now that's not a problem, except that the person who posted the results got them wrong.

One of the boys is a SCID carrier, incorrectly copied by whoever as clear - see my postings on the CA threads. I would hate anyone to think we were trying to cover up a carrier status, and I hope that I have corrected the error (resubmitted to the CA site and I hope they won't just look at it and say: "weve already got him...")

I suggest that people don't rush in to submit other peoples' results. We don't need an assumption that the owners will try to deceive us: that's paranoia. If you do submit under a sort of freedom of information flag, GET IT RIGHT.

Seren Arabians
Sirius Posted - 02 Feb 2010 : 6:47:44 PM
This morning we received the first 4 results. The original set of samples didn't arrive in Holland, hence the forever wait...

UC Davis emailed on Thursday that they had received the samples, and the results arrived at 0200 GMT Tuesday (or about 1800 local time on Monday in California. That's faster than their most optimistic published turnround of 5 working days.

Winged Saint: SCID clear and now CA clear
Halal: SCID carrier and now CA clear
Seren Hanau: SCID clear and now CA clear
seren Hanag: SCID clear and now CA clear

SueB Posted - 01 Feb 2010 : 11:34:24 PM


G.Fantastica (IBN Estopa x Fanatica) Tested UC Davis CA clear.
leighann Posted - 12 Jan 2010 : 8:36:01 PM
MONESCOCIA (Ajman Moniscione x Estoniah) CA & SCID CLEAR .
szedlisa Posted - 08 Jan 2010 : 03:05:53 AM

The CA website has moved to a new server with a broader band so we now have faster downloading :

We are also pleased to say that over 500 entries have been made on the CA Status List.
Including a first time result from a deceased stallion by using frozen semen.
Our applause to Rojo Arabians for their support and efforts with VERSACE !!
And his dam!

Check it out.

Register to get the latest updates.

Sirius Posted - 30 Dec 2009 : 4:23:38 PM
Yes, Lisa, I'm now of the opinion that I haven't wasted the fee for the tests I have submitted. I'm also waiting for replies from UC Davis which may convince me to start the testing of the other 15 as well.

I note that the VH site is still carrying the same doubt-producing information about the test, and their terms and conditions section 7 gives them the usual walk-away from the consequences if the test had turned out to be based on wishful thinking.

I make no apologies for asking the questions and raising my doubts. The resistance I have encountered in bringing other dog breeders on board as far as genetic testing is concerned has taught me that people need the clearest explanation available.

Once I am completely happy with the reliability of the testing, we will make the same offer to other breeders as we already do with the dogs: as well as offering clear stallions to carrier mare owners, we will also offer carrier stallion owners the opportunity to bring their stallions here to our clear mares to rescue their lines. (Note the optimistic assumption here!)


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