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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Qui Gon Jinn Posted - 10 Jul 2011 : 7:47:41 PM
Merlyn has always been great on his canter stike offs and always correct on each rein. However he has now started to strike off wrong when ridden on the right rein, and I'm at a loss as to how this has started. He is fine on the lunge, but constantly gets it wrong when ridden.

I've tried the usual things of making sure that his trot is forward and smooth and that I am rising on the correct diagonal, but he still manages to get himself in knots!! He has just turned 6 and still got some maturing to do, and I wondered if it was something to do with that. He also had his teeth seen to a few weeks ago as he was unsettled in his mouth and is happy in his bit again. He is having a visit from the saddler tomorow to make sure that is all fine too.

Any idea's as to what else I could try or is it just a phase, now that he is having to work harder?! I am even at the stage of exagerating my aids so that he is fully aware of what I'm asking, but still getting it wrong!
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Sue J Posted - 28 Jun 2013 : 08:48:15 AM
It may be worth getting your saddle checked. When I started to have a problem a few months ago with my mare breaking on wrong lead I had her saddle checked and re-balanced, she has been fine since.
Mrs Vlacq Posted - 23 Jun 2013 : 1:18:33 PM
Try pointedly looking to the outside as you ask for canter - you may be so aware of the issue that you're sort of inviting it. Swinging your head to look to the outside is often enough to aligh your shoulders and hips (and hence his shoulders) to the correct position that he will give the correct lead.
EJ Posted - 21 Jan 2013 : 11:04:52 PM
My boy always strikes off on the wrong leg he is still a baby and my canter is not yet established on the right rein but had my first lesson the other day and told my instructor of the problem i said i've tryed every thing like asking in the corner asking n a circle etc he put a pole just one in the corner for me to go overand just before the pole i asked for canter and got the correct leg straight away was gob smacked! now he pretty much is getting it every time as it puts them in the right place i've never heard of doing this so might be worth a try x
ali bali Posted - 11 Jul 2011 : 2:06:34 PM
I only thought of that because the physio is coming out to put me back together next week! Old injuries are a pain in the mind you new ones aren't much fun either... Hope you get it sorted Al x
Qui Gon Jinn Posted - 11 Jul 2011 : 09:18:57 AM
Thanks Libby Frost I'll give that a try. Ali Bali, I've got a bit of a stiff shoulder and neck at the moment (my left hand side) and I did wonder after some other comments on another site, if the problem could be related to that too Think I could be falling to bits!
ali bali Posted - 10 Jul 2011 : 10:48:28 PM
You haven't tweeked your back have you? Every time my back flares up I struggle with right canter lead and its because I am sitting a little crooked and my weight has shifted to wrong place. Thats when I know its time for a trip to the physio!
Libby Frost Posted - 10 Jul 2011 : 10:46:05 PM
horses are usually stiffer on one side. Try sitting to the trot well before the corner , and doing a 5 meter circle then on exit, ask for canter, your horse will then be on the correct bend, also try over exaggerating how far back you put your outside leg as this often helps
Qui Gon Jinn Posted - 10 Jul 2011 : 10:13:03 PM
Thanks for that T42. He has changed shape slightly, so it could all be saddle relevant. I'll find out tomorrow hopefully after we've seen the saddler.
T42 Posted - 10 Jul 2011 : 9:44:57 PM
They sometimes get a bit tense when they are having their teeth done. Could he be a bit sore in his back because of that? When I ask for canter on green horses I lift & open my inside hand, as I come into the short side of the arena, keeping a firm contact on the outside rein & then ask for canter with quite a strong aid. It usually works, but I'm terrible for giving away the outside rein & that's usually the problem. Hope you sort it out. Don't suppose he's had a growth spurt?
Qui Gon Jinn Posted - 10 Jul 2011 : 8:54:11 PM
Hmm....I don't think so. I haven't found him to be lame in any way. My other half was watching me in the arena tonight and is always very good about spotting unsoundness and he didn't see anything odd about Merlyn's movement.

Worth investigating though, thanks. It all seems to co-incide with him having his teeth done, but that of course could be purely coincidental.
Kharidian Posted - 10 Jul 2011 : 8:09:59 PM
Is he 100% sound? If he has even a minor problem with his NEAR hind (the first step in canter on the right rein) then he'll not strike off correctly.


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