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T O P I C    R E V I E W
KittyB Posted - 02 Jun 2011 : 1:57:50 PM
Just backed George has thrown a split on his near fore. He's not lame and there's no heat in it. I've rested him for 2 weeks but the vet says I can start working him again provided it's not painful for him. He's showing no signs at all of any pain. It's the size of a marble just below his knee on the inside of his foreleg - nice and visible! A question - do splints ever disappear on their own once they're formed, or does it involve great expense and vet treatment to get rid? He's not a top quality show horse, so I'm not so concerned about his blemish(es) (he's very accident prone!), but it would be a shame to miss out at local level because of his lumps and bumps. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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barbara.gregory Posted - 17 Jun 2014 : 10:27:05 AM
My gelding got huge ones on both front legs at the DIY livery as all the horses were out in a huge field and galloped around on hard, rough ground. He was never lame and not painful to the touch. He also got huge wind galls on both rear fetlocks and he was onlt 3, not even backed. I found a place on my own and they went down over the course of a year or two and he was never lame and was PTS at almost 32 a few years ago with perfect legs, not a sign of a splint or windgall.

Emmajane Posted - 16 Jun 2014 : 8:22:50 PM
my horse got one at 5 about 4 months ago. Never any heat or lameness. Very checked it and said don't trot on roads much (!?) anyway its huge. so reading about all of yours that have gone or shrunk is great news. fingers crossed.
garnet Posted - 25 Jan 2013 : 4:26:57 PM
Garnet threw splints at 10 and they both disappeared completely.
EJ Posted - 21 Jan 2013 : 10:56:10 PM
What can you do to prevent them i have just broken in my 4 yr old and am just doing very light hacking but am always worried about him getting them as i want to show him and am thinking of bandaging his legs up does this actually make any difference? thanks x
Callisto Posted - 28 Jun 2011 : 10:14:17 PM
On the advice of my vet I waited until Lily was sound, and then gentle hacking, with protective boots on to prevent any knocks etc. Kept it very quiet due to very hard ground until recent rain. Unfortunately I have to go away for work this week, but when I get back I intend to start getting her fit again. (Start with lots of walking, then gradually building up from there). Hope this helps.
triple velvet Posted - 28 Jun 2011 : 9:31:09 PM
Sorry to move in on your thread but just wanted a little advise as well.

My 4 yr old has also blown 2 splints on both front legs.Splint are a few months old maybe down to hard ground or sh**ty farrier whom I have only had the past few months!
They are at identical places both were the size of half golf balls. One has gone down to almost nearly vanishing to the other being a little stubborn!! I have tried some potion of the vets that didn't work! Splintex did ok on the second time I used it as didn't bandage the first time (says on pack no need to)
I have found hosing worked mostly, but being impatient and mare getting fat due to not being long reined (newly backed as well). Now trying magnetic stable boots. Into first week will see how we go.

What I would like to know is do any of you still ride your horses with splints? how long do you give before lightly working? she has no heat and no lameness. Have new farrier coming Saturday to look at her hooves as they look unbalanced. She really does like to work and needs to work stop her getting too fat, we have done a few mins long reining but feared of doing to much in case we make splints worse.

Thanks for reading, look forward to your experiences.

pinkvboots Posted - 28 Jun 2011 : 10:07:15 AM
Arabi had one come up at about 5 was huge never lame though, his 7 now and its much smaller can just see it.
Ari Posted - 27 Jun 2011 : 9:06:43 PM
Ari is 8 now and the splint reduced when he was 6ish. To be honest as it never bothered him I got used to it being there and it went away as he matured. Same thing happened with my old girl, threw a splint at 4yrs that just reduced with time. She's 29 with a few odd bumps here and there and still sound but no splint.
Qui Gon Jinn Posted - 26 Jun 2011 : 12:34:48 PM
What age is Ari now?

I've just bought a product called Bone Radiol to try on Merlyn so with any luck his may go down a bit more
Ari Posted - 25 Jun 2011 : 5:15:38 PM
Ari through a splint at 2yrs just doing what youngters do! Never lame but it looked massive on those fine legs to his paranoid mum. It takes a while for them go down but I can only just feel it now its so tiny.
Qui Gon Jinn Posted - 05 Jun 2011 : 10:54:28 AM
Merlyn threw a massive splint when he was just turning 4. He was never lame and the vet felt it was as a result of running round the field at high speed (something he still does 2 years later!). Anyway, I tried all sorts of different things on it.........splintex, lemon juice etc. and nothing worked. It has gone down a good way, but like your's it is very visable on his near fore. I'm hoping that within another couple of years it will have gone enough to be not so noticeable!

Good luck with yours.
KittyB Posted - 03 Jun 2011 : 1:48:02 PM
Thanks for the guidance. I'm hoping it will disappear in time. No doubt his emergency stops and handbrake turns in the field have something to do with it!
Callisto Posted - 03 Jun 2011 : 01:56:17 AM
Lily my five year old developed a small splint just under her knee a couple of months ago, the vet told me to rest her and boot her up when I put her back into work, but didn't recommend any treatment to reduce it. I took her out for a trial hack last week, but she was still feeling it (not lame but short) so I am leaving her for the present time, not least because the ground is so hard at the moment. I did a search on here for info about splints and the general concensus appeared to be rest as the best treatment, (at least that is how I read it ).
Etoile Posted - 02 Jun 2011 : 5:07:53 PM
Senj got medium sized splints on both front legs as a six year old - probably due to a combination of too much work and not very wonderful shoeing. As didn't want to show just wanted to continue his hacking waited for him to come sound, started riding again though doing less work for a while and eventually changed blacksmith . Now several years later they have vanished. Surprised me I have to say I thought once there they didn't go away. Here's hoping George's also do a disappearing act.
rosie Posted - 02 Jun 2011 : 3:31:14 PM
Bertie threw a huge one as a 2 year old just playing in the field - never lame and we didn't touch it and totally disappeared within 6 months!
My old mare,had one as a 4 yr old, & I painted some liquid on it (so long ago I can't remember what it was-sorry) and that also disappeared.
Personally, I would give the horse a good few months off so as not to aggravate it, but if your vet says its ok to start working him again then thats ok.
Good luck

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