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T O P I C    R E V I E W
natntaz Posted - 28 May 2010 : 10:58:53 PM
HOCON, who is going this year

I have been looking at the timetable and i
am again unsure of what time my class will
be. Went last year and missed the gelding
class even though thought had got there in
plenty of time. I gave half hour minimum each
class and i was still way off. Its so hard to
judge when your not sure how many in each class
as such. I had a email from friend who was thinking
the same this morning. I think i will just get there
at the crack of dawn and hope that we hear them call
the class. Will have plenty of helpers so hopefully
they will keep popping over to find out for me
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CINDERS Posted - 09 Jun 2010 : 12:31:09 PM
Because the amount of people who buy photos is limited thus only one can make a living.

More importantly because we have young persons entered and local councils require a CRB check we have to be careful who we use. Our current photographers meet the necessary criteria and are fully insured.

We run just the one ring so I believe all horses will have their photo taken

I think the main point is that Ms Rose posted on here that her photos are not available for sale but the link to her website contradicts this and maybe more importantly Ms Rose did not have the courtesy to contact anyone of the organising committee to arrange to come and did not offer to pay for a trade stand as do all other people who sell at the show

jaybird Posted - 05 Jun 2010 : 5:01:46 PM
Hi all

Good luck to all attending this much loved show it has always been one of my favorites for years...but I just wanted to ask... why is there only one official photographer permitted to attend the show? surely in this day and age a little competition should be encouraged! I for one would say that people pay alot of money to attend these shows and if they don't even get one decent picture from the show it can be quite disappointing... these photographers cannot be everywhere and I cannot see any reason why ...more the merrier, about time this changed.

(a really bad photographer )
jo78 Posted - 04 Jun 2010 : 9:44:34 PM
Can i just wish everyone goodluck for over the weekend I wont be going this year, wouldve liked to have come and watched but cant! So lots of piccies would be great!!!
Loisrose Posted - 03 Jun 2010 : 5:22:08 PM
A HUGE misunderstanding. What a shame the complaint could not have been taken up directly with myself.

Please do not misquote what is on my website or malign me any further.
CINDERS Posted - 03 Jun 2010 : 4:32:18 PM
Lois Rose

No misunderstanding we received a complaint and acted upon it. Looking at your website it does say that people can call you for photos. We are just pointing out that we do have an offical photographer who has supported us for many years and happily provides images for Horse and Hound etc ans that as a show we do not allow other "professional" photographers to take photos that are for sale at the show.

We understand that business is business but we also consider loyalty to our supporter to be a virtue

BeckyBoodle Posted - 02 Jun 2010 : 11:15:56 PM
Didn't recognise you Lou. How is the lovely Sammy? Is Carol coming or will she still be on hols?

Just trying to sort myself out. I am hoping to be there for 10.30am/11am as we aren't on til latish in the schedule although worried I am cutting it a bit fine. I am assuming that the max you could do is 4-5 five classes an hour if there were v small classes, but would expect actually it will be longer than that, so should be fine. We are amateur handler and mares over 4 (no foal).

I will pm you my mobile and if you let me know yours then I can text you when I arrive. Can't pick up the box til about 8am in the morning, so need to hot foot it back to the yard, throw her in the box and head on down. Panic. I can't believe how daft I am booking a show of this size when it is only her second time out and first time indoors. But as we are in it for the experience of getting out and about and not so much about winning I guess it should be ok.
sugar xx Posted - 02 Jun 2010 : 11:04:37 PM
I usually give 15 mins for each class then if they go over that am not to worried pinkyboots, will see you there dancer is doing senior mares and my friends are taking there 2 yr old mareikh filly looking foward to it
pinkvboots Posted - 02 Jun 2010 : 2:05:14 PM
Beckyboo I am just watching on Saturday so if you need any help I am quite happy to give you a hand or anyone else that needs a groom or some help just PM me I live in Essex so will be there early.
Loopy Lou and Saahm Posted - 01 Jun 2010 : 4:55:48 PM
I am going to spectate so I will help you out Becky. I did send you a FB message
Loisrose Posted - 01 Jun 2010 : 4:32:50 PM
Hi Yvonne,

Whoa ! I am NOT suggesting I am HOCONs official photographer and no way touting for sales. I only ever post proofs for sale from shows where I am officially photographing!

I should have clarified "photographing from the stands for my own use" in my post.

My website link is always posted as part of my signature which is in the forum rules with a riciprocal link. It was not part of my post.

I have removed my post to avoid any further confusion.

Edit: Thank you for reminding me why I very rarely post on forums where misunderstandings and accusations abound.
CINDERS Posted - 01 Jun 2010 : 10:18:46 AM

Bit comncerned about your post and link to your website.

Sweets are our offical photographers and have supported the show for many years. We do not allow any other professional photographers. We do allow people to take their own photos for their own use, NOT FOR SALE

We make no exceptions to this. If you wish to discuss please call me on 07710679633

BeckyBoodle Posted - 30 May 2010 : 8:24:02 PM
Eba and I are coming, but am panicking a bit, especially as I had someone down to help and they can't now, so am on the hunt for replacement helper in terms of getting my number and keeping an ear out for announcements as I won't be able to leave Eba. If anyone knows of anyone that might give me a hand please shout! We are supposed to be classes 31 and 12 I think - amateur handler and mares over 4.

Also, not sure when I am going to get the time to bath her. Where does the time go?

Mandymoo Posted - 30 May 2010 : 6:45:29 PM
oh my god sazzlepants how funny are you, you sound like my double ha ha!!!
sazzlepants71 Posted - 29 May 2010 : 10:52:25 PM
its my first time here toooo
please be gentle!
I tend to run backwards and forwards all day at shows as I can never hear anything and have learnt to my cost that I either miss my class or end up in the wrong one
imagine being a gelding in a mares class , yup I did that ha ha !
mandymoo maybe we should meet and cling to each other for support!!!

I need to study the timetable a bit more not sure what time I am in either, decided to drive up on the day so will be leaving early early!
looking forward to it very much!
natntaz Posted - 29 May 2010 : 10:40:07 PM
Yep Mandymoo

They dont seem to take much notice of that though
Mandymoo Posted - 29 May 2010 : 10:24:54 PM
Oh my god, this is my first year doing Hocon, Am i right by hearing from your conversation they play music while your in the areana??
natntaz Posted - 29 May 2010 : 10:17:41 PM
Hi Misterei,

Thanks for explaining

I have to say when in the car park or away from the
arena you cannot hear any anouncements atall. I know
this has happened to other people i have known to.

I think the gravel car park makes a noise and you have
horseboxes obviously driving over it to.

I have always loved going to Hocon over the years but
even though i like it being inside i do feel that it is
a downside in the respect when your getting your horses
ready you cant actually see or hear what class is in.

It could almost do with someone walking around shouting
what class is going to be in next if you know what i mean

misterei Posted - 29 May 2010 : 10:08:04 PM
Hi Natntaz

I am doing some of the announcements this year, and did some on the first day last year. I did some on the second day, but had a mare in one of the classes and had to do the prep and groom her, so I feel I wasn't as helpful as I wanted to be that day.

The PA at Towerlands is a bit of a mystery, as there is one microphone for inside the Arena and a separate one for outside, so I ended up repeating myself, I ended up repeating mys... (and they may have changed it this year)

I tried to get information to everybody if they were inside or out, and I had some feedback, which I will try to address this year.

I understand the music made it difficult to hear what was being said inside, so I can turn the volume down a bit. I could only hear from where I was sitting and it sounded well balanced, but that is obviously not the case on the other side of the arena.

I couldn't speak and go outside to hear me, (I know that those of you who know me well may have thought I could, but I couldn't - just because I speak so slow, you know...)

I am trying to do a better job this year, so any comments or problems hearing announcements, please come and tell me, don't be shy, we are trying to help you all enjoy the show.

The start times are only a guide, because there are usually some no shows in each class maling the numbers lower and the class may be quicker. The first two or three classes I use to get an estimate of how long the judge takes for each horse, and the championship is usually a common duration, give or take.

There are occasions when I have to disappear for a while (I have a doctors note) as I also show my own horses there and have to take a while to get them ready.

As I am new to this announcing thing I need pointers on understanding that you can or cannot hear outside, I did try to announce the class number and the type of class for those without a programme. I will give approximate times if I have to nip out to get one of my little girls ready.

What I would ask is that you come and enjoy HoCon, it is always lovely to be amongst such wonderful animals, pure, anglo's and part bred are something special. Any problems I would welcome suggestions as I do it to help the organisers, who work really hard for such a big show, and for you and me who enter or just come to watch.

Are you doing the in-hand or the ridden or both?

natntaz Posted - 29 May 2010 : 9:37:48 PM
Kimz, i thought i was there early enough last year
and missed my class. I thought i had allowed 1/2 hour
per class.

Oh well, looking to be there for about 7.30

I know its not easy to organise but would be easier
if had a not before time.

Hey ho. Look forward to seeing some familiar faces and
Kharidian Posted - 29 May 2010 : 9:13:21 PM
I'll be there with my yearling gelding - with no idea of how to estimate the class time! I'm surprised that the organisers can't give an estimate for each group of classes, OK we know Anglos/Partbreds then coloured are 0830 but surely they could give an indication of "not to start before" for Geldings, Fillies, Colts, Mares, Stallions etc.

I know it's difficult and classes can run late - no one minds waiting, but to potentially miss a class having estimated say 30 minutes per class and to find the class has already been in is a real possibility if no classes are benchmarked.

Right, better get off my soap box now because I shouldn't really complain as I am not one of the volunteers who actually make these shows possible in the first place.

kimzi Posted - 29 May 2010 : 9:07:29 PM
The morning ran so fast last year,they are starting at 08.30 so as long as your there by then you can't go wrong lol
natntaz Posted - 29 May 2010 : 7:20:29 PM
Take it no one else is thick as me and can work
out what time they are in

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