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Back Problems

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Printed on: 27 May 2018


Topic author: zoew37
Subject: Back Problems
Posted on: 07 Jul 2004 10:22:11 PM

Well Ebony, took a rather nasty tumble in the field about 3 weeks ago (all horses went mad, galloping down hills etc). She was off work for about a week, then was lunged for a couple of days but still didnt seem just right. So i took her over to my instructor's as he was having a physio up to check his showjumpers. Poor Ebs, he started at her head all was fine then moved to her back and quarters, and she almost sat down, when he did along her back she almost fell over. He thinks she has badly damaged two of the larger muscles along her back. So it looks like Ebs will be out of work for a good couple of months. I have dug out my tub of arnica so will start using that.
Just feel so rotton for her as she look just miserable tonight (probably as she has been pulled and prodded) also for my sister who has just started to get back into riding again.
So if anyone has any tips on helping keeping muscles stimulated please say, would be mutch appreciated.


Reply author: dee
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 10:48:17 AM

Did she hit the ground with her nose at all, as we had a head injury physio down and she said if when they fall they hit their muzzles it can sometimes cause damage, like concusion of the head, neck or even spine. She has dealt with lots of race horses (national hunt).


Reply author: Katie
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 12:00:39 PM

I believe magnetic rugs can be good for helping this kind of thing

Reply author: sub
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 3:50:57 PM

Hi Zoe,

The physio down this way using elecro stimulation to relax and contract the muscles. A few sessions is usually all that is needed.
Or - have you heard of equisage? It's a full massage unit for the horse and works wonders after just 1 session. Don't know if there is anyone up your way that has a machine, but you can hire them down here.


Reply author: zoew37
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 4:40:21 PM

From what i know she tripped and went over on her shoulder.
I have a magnetic rug, which i bought a few years ago, which she has been wearing for 20mins each night.
Susan, i will look into that, there is only about 1 physio up here, pretty poor i think.

Reply author: joycemelvin
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 5:29:06 PM


Jenny Johnston, the physio up here is excellent, she's been treating Zaleta's back.

Reply author: zoew37
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 5:32:21 PM

Hi Joyce do you have her no? My email is She was seen to by a physio from New Market who was brill, but he only comes up here about 4 times a year, and would like her checked again in about 2 weeks.
How is Zaleta? Is she improving?
Who are you taking to Echt this weekend? Im really looking forward to it.

Reply author: kath
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 9:27:10 PM

Hi Zoe, sorry to hear about poor Ebony.

I am master of back problems! Flash has had just about everything going, and we have tried almost everyone in the area! Jenny is great, she has a posh rug and does ultrasound which may help too. There are also various sports massage people up here, can't think of names off-hand but my instructor (Su Hendry) works with one who is great, and they may well have an equissage machine. The lady who did Flash in Wales used one on him, and it has worked wonders, but they are about 1000, so not an option to buy! Also, we have used a brilliant guy from Fife called John McManaway. He is a natural healer - he 'dowses' the area and then does deep tisue massage to sort the problem; he is the tallest man alive but so lovely and quiet, and is the only person to have really had an affect on Flash's performance (apart from me - ha ha!). He travels up from Fife all the way to the Black Isle every few weeks or so; if your interested i'll dig out his number.

Hope all goes well at Echt on Saturday, let us know how you get on. I'll be fighting the rain at Faraway!

Kath x

Reply author: JaneB
Replied on: 08 Jul 2004 10:17:22 PM

I know a few people who cld prob really help u, where about in the country r u based? Back problems can be so awful can't they I do hope Ebony recovers ASAP

Reply author: joycemelvin
Replied on: 09 Jul 2004 08:28:00 AM

I've emailed you Jenny's number, Zaleta is 70% there, she's had laser treatment and magnetic therapy, I'm now onto heat therapy and long reining her in walk, hope to get on Monday but just walking, take it from there.

Reply author: joycemelvin
Replied on: 09 Jul 2004 08:28:32 AM

oh and sorry taking Amy and foal to Echt

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