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Topic author: cazza
Subject: Elustarius - Wet Malvern Piccie Added
Posted on: 06 Aug 2009 : 6:00:59 PM

Not a good day for photo taking !!!

Topic author: Mrs Vlacq
Subject: What a Malvern Debut - AA Res Supreme BNC
Posted on: 04 Aug 2009 : 7:30:25 PM
Just wanted to publicly congratulate all the crew behind the young Anglo stallion who claimed the Reserve Supreme title at Malvern on his first trip to the nationals
Bred by Sue and Dionne Tandy and ridden by Dave Froggett (sp?) he looked superb stepping out in he Main Ring. With his movement and temperament he is certainly one to watch me thinks

Pictured taking the Anglo Championship on Thursday
Kamal Ibn Dara (Hipu Who / Indian Dara)

Topic author: CeliaS
Subject: Malvern with happy horses
Posted on: 04 Aug 2009 : 4:25:20 PM
Here are some pictures of Mintaka with Jane in the collecting ring and daddy Orion OS showing such 'joie de vivre' with handler Ryan Jones, they were a pleasure to watch. Orion is such a lovely natured stallion and baby Mintaka also has a divine temperament.

Topic author: Athena
Subject: Crabbets at Malvern
Posted on: 04 Aug 2009 : 4:11:15 PM

PICCIES everyone!

Supreme National Crabbet Champion & Male Champion

Female National Crabbet Champion

Gelding National Crabbet Champion

Junior National Crabbet Champion

Topic author: jane79
Subject: Azif's first visit to Malvern-pics
Posted on: 04 Aug 2009 : 10:37:16 PM
Message: Just thought I would share a few photos from Malvern which were taken by Jayne and Nigel Armstrong.

Topic author: Em
Subject: Malvern Photo's
Posted on: 03 Aug 2009 10:12:04 PM
Message: Here are a few Malvern photo's taken by my Dad

P ricklegate Minim owned by Shirley & Emma Didlick

Asbeau & Mark Hardcastle owned by Mike & Jayne Johnson

Brian & Zena Berminghams Baudelaire ZB

Malcolm & Jane Hickfords AJA Hassan

AH Djava Bey owned by Sam Beeley of Ess Jay Arabins

Topic author: Varaina

Posted on: - 03 Aug 2009 : 11:13:01 AM

Very well done to kirsty and all connections to Maiad ON winning Supreme Ridden at the Nationals....This partnership has had a fabulous season this year, and have been a pleasure to watch....Good on you Kirsty very well done...

Topic author: NPA Arabians
Subject: Malvern Photo's
Posted on: - 03 Aug 2009 :1:46:27 PM

think this photo says it all!

Topic author: pathannay
Subject: My dream maker - Ava!!!!

Posted on: - 03 Aug 2009 : 11:55:55 AM

Topic author: ma belle
Subject: Malvern Photo's
Posted on: 03 Aug 2009 01:12:34 AM
The Nationals - Results please please please!

Congrats to you Lou xxx fabulous result for our Tiqs (sorry, Liv and Julia's Tiqs)....Djammal granddaughter who was reserve at only 4 years old :) We are so proud :)

Topic author: Zenitha
Subject: Malvern Photo's
Posted on: 02 Aug 2009 9:42:42 PM
Message: lovely Om El Aluna (Carmargue / Om El Amira Estopa)

Topic author: Sadika
Subject: Malvern Photo's
Posted on: - 03 Aug 2009 : 9:57:39 PM
Message: For those of you who were not at Malvern

Just to give you an idea of what the weather was like during the stallion classes ...
Here are Ali Khamsin, Burkan and Ffoenix "enjoying" the rain and mud!!!

and another of me and Mary Ann totally wet through too!

Topic author: karen d
Subject: AH KUDA
Posted on: - 01 Aug 2009 : 9:24:23 PM
Message: For those of you who were not at Malvern

Just wanted to say a huge congratulations to Fiona and the lovely stallion AH KUDA for Getting his HOYS ticket, Claiming the BNC open ridden stallion,and res res Purebred Championship.He went beautifully and has a real bond with his 'mum' fiona.
Lovely to watch
A very happy Fiona!!!

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