NWGAHS APRIL 29th 2006
Results List

SUPREME CHAMPION - Master Design GA reserve Jaayd

Senior male champion Jaayd reserve Malik Ibn Rostam

Senior female champion Varianne reserve Satin Lady

Classic head champion Emenes reserve Qamar el Dine

Veteran stallions - VODOLEJ with 3 x 20s for movement!

Stallions 7-16 years
1st Jaayd 56 points
2nd Malik Ibn Rostam 54 points

Stallions 4-6 years
1st Dahzik 53.6 points
2nd Padrons Must 53 points
3rd El Sahir 52.3
4th Qamar El Dine 52 points

Veteran mares
1st Bur Sable 52.3 points (won with one extra mark for type)
2nd Raqquisa 52.3 points
3rd Amellita Bint Lavado

Mares 8-16 years
1st Satin Lady 55.3
2nd Divinedestination 53.3

Mares 4-7 years
1st Varianne 55 points
2nd Psatin 53.3
3rd Ssweet Fantasy 50.3
4th AJA Ningella 49.3

1st G tamin foal out of R Tiger Lily
2nd HT orasima by Ansata El Ghazzali out of HT Obsession
3rd WSA Charismma foal out of Silvshalla

Mare with foal at foot
1st HT Obsession
2nd R Tiger Lily
3rd Silvashalla

Senior Pure bred Yearling fillies
1st AJA Aaisha 52.3points
2nd Argenta's Star 52.3 points
3rd Miss Dynamite 52 points

Junior Pure bred Yearling fillies
1st AJA Petrina 53points
2nd Nightfire Passionata 52.3 points
3rd Psyzanna 51.6 points

Pure Bred Arab 2 year old Colts
1st LTF Wings Of Khamal C 53points
2nd Prince Psyche 52points
3rd Patros HB 51.6 points

Pure Bred Arab 2 year old Fillies
1st Venus
2nd Psyannah
3rd LTF Mallaina C

Pure Bred Arab 3 year old Fillies

1st Legacys Sinata 54 points
2nd Boudica 52.6 points
3rd Judals Kiss of Jamaal 51.6

Ridden Pure Bred Novice Arab Mares
1st Inffanta
2nd DF Ballerina

Pure Bred Ridden Novice Geldings
1st Psyches Vallentino
2nd Ibn Pilot
3rd AJ Aramal

Pure Bred Ridden Novice Stallions
1st Ruger
2nd Amir Mostafa

Ridden Pure Bred Mares HOYS Qualifier
1st Shamzarah
2nd Ramilla
3rd Silver Lil

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