Devon County Show Results 2006

Brood Mare with foal or in foal

1 - Escalanta(PL) by Grandorr out of Estancja Miss P M Lindsay

Best Foal - Foal by Ganges out of Escalanta Miss P M Lindsay

Yearling Filly

1 - Angelita by Vodofon Kossack out of Angeleque Miss M Pollard
2 - Mujjeta by Muhajjal out of Siametta Mr & Mrs E J Jones
3 - Ecstatic by Ban Kulin out of Etna's Echo Miss P M Lindsay
4 - Kioki Moon by Lyndham Tarac out of Nadia Moon Miss T Atherton
5 - Summers Place Alika by The Legend out of Muzaria Mr & Mrs Stafford Charles

Two Year Old Filly

1 - Psyamena by Psynergy out of Yasmena Mr & Mrs E J Jones/Claire Fowler & Viv Conibere
2 - Annabel by Vodofon Kossack out of Anastarsia Miss M C Pollard
3 - ROE Lahab by Essteem out of ZT Ludjbrosiaa Mr T O Aggad
4 - Hazira by Sorrento out of Hazika Mr & Mrs M D Alderson
5 - Fariba by Kerim Shah out of Flirtation Miss G J Allen
6 - Eleanor Rose by Chi Lin Tienshan out of Polmartin Rain Miss L M Jennings

Three Year Old Filly

1 - Summers Place Sunset by Ibn Sudan out of RAS Siska Mr & Mrs Stafford Charles

Female Champion PSYAMENA
Reserve Female Champion ANNABEL

Open Gelding

1 - Estisha by Essteem out of Nimisha Mr & Mrs Howell
2 - Eternal Spirit by Ernal out of Lady Of Shallot Miss S Tyne
3 - Ortanique by The Frosted Orange out of El Kabrouka
4 - Sahir Kashmir by Dhruv out of Kanooshka Mrs E German
5 - Kyte by Kulak out of Nadia Moon Miss T Atherton
6 - AH Azah by Blacklord Caesaro out of DP Black Angel Miss S Cook
7 - Allesandro by Allaskar out of Amira Magic Mrs D Batten
8 - Suneagle by Sundragon out of Naxinda Miss C Sellway

Yearling Colt

1 - Imri by Vodofon Kossack out of Iljoesja Monpelou Miss M Pollard
2 - Zaak by Mahmoud Shah out of Zaffira Miss G Allen
3 - CJ Flet by Flet out of Annah Mr J Brewster

Two Year Old Colt

1 - H Tobago by Psytadel out of Teeba Gamlin/Ratcliffe/Matthews/Fox
2 - Vennvali by Vodofon Kossack out of Vallari Miss S Hampton
3 - SH Taboo by G Tamin out of SH Sabrina Miss S Etchells & Miss J Greenwood
4 - Summers Place Free As Air by RAS Al Jadi out of Shebah Mr & Mrs Stafford Charles
5 - Destinys Spirit by Chi Lin Tienshan out of Silvern Muna Mrs L & Miss J Parker

Three Year Old Colt

1 - Psypsynatti by Psynergy out of Lyanka Mr & Mrs E J Jones
2 - Nadal by Ventican out of Bint Nariadnaia Mrs J Hutchings
3 - ROE Aseel by Padrons Psyche out of Balenina Mr T O Aggad


1 - Aazari by Arazi out of Mareesah Mrs J Culnane
2 - Mykah by Maysoun out of Lyanka Mr & Mrs Stafford Charles

Male Champion AAZARI
Reserve Male Champion H TOBAGO

Females - Mrs S Woodhouse
Males - Mrs J Smith

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