Chepstow, Gwent
10th May 2003

Pure bred Arab Female Judge: Mr. R. Boggs, USA

Pure bred Junior Fillies  
1st Azhiqa
  Mr and Mrs Turner
2nd AL Ilah Ghaliya
  Mr and Mrs Smith
3rd Rizaari
  Messrs Connor and Court

Pure bred Senior Fillies  
1st and Res Junior Female Champion SG Boranya
  Georgian Arabians
2nd Haniyyah
  Mr and Mrs E. Jones

Pure bred Fillies 2 years old  
1st MF Saffire
  M. Gamlin
2nd Russkeema
  Messrs Coward and McMorrow
3rd Dream Dancer

Mrs Shawyer

Pure bred Fillies 3 years old  
1st and Junior Female Champion Shifali
2nd Maradisha
  Mr and Mrs Atkin

Barren Mare 4-6 years old  
1st and Senior Female Champion LC Southern Majic
  Georgian Arabians
2nd ZT LUdjbrosiaa
  Mr. Aggad
3rd La perla

R. Thomas

Barren Mare 7-10 years old  
1st Kapaya
  Mr and Mrs Howells
2nd Lady Bea
  Mrs Fish


Barren Mare 11 years and over  
1st Eka
2nd Nazika
  K. McKenzie


Mare with Foal at foot  
1st Mumtaz Mahaal
  Richard and Kelly

1st Vienna Mahaal
  Richards and Kelly

Pure bred Male Judge: Mr. Faustus Scanzi Italy

Pure bred Junior yearling colts  
1st and Reserve Junior Male Champion Ora El Khan
  R. Jones
2nd Lumiere
  Richard and Kelly
3rd AV Kubla Khan

C. Glover

Pure bred Senior yearling colts  
1st Black Magic
2nd HS Alcide
  Mrs Watts
3rd Snow Ffalcon

Mrs Smith

Pure bred colts 2 years old  
1st Mykah
  Keen and Griffiths
2nd Nahin
  Mrs Potts
3rd AH Danza Bey

Lustrells Show Horses

Pure bred colts 3 years old  
1st and Junior Male Champion Psynergy
  Mr and Mrs Jones
2nd Eddashaan
  Mr and Mrs Butt
3rd CAS Rhapsody in Black

Mrs Hall

Pure bred Geldings yearling  
1st and Reserve Champion Gelding Shaafig
  A. Ward
2nd Ali G
  Miss Mitchell
3rd Aarazon

J. Hanham

Pure bred Geldings 2 and 3 years old  
1st Dancin Dream
  Mr and Mrs Foreman
2nd Paciffic
  Mrs Holland
3rd Prestige

Blyth and Hill

Pure bred Gelding 4 years and over  
1st and Gelding Champion Fferzan
  L. Biles
2nd Shayla’s Attraction
  Mr and Mrs Howell
3rd Crystal Silver

L. Maryon

Pure bred Stallion 4 and 5 years old  
1st and Reserve Male Champion Azteq
  Mr and Mrs Turner
2nd Ffoenix
  G. Teague
3rd RV Heir Apparent

C. Fowler

Pure bred Stallion 6 years and over  
1st and Senior Male Champion and Supreme Champion of the Show Ali Khan
  Mr. Poulter
2nd Ali Nebal
  R. Thomas
3rd Ibn Sudan

D. Commin

Ridden Judge: Mark Fuller

Novice Pure bred Stallion, Mare, Gelding  
1st Muzaliah
  Mrs Wragg
2nd Majestic Cavalier
  Mrs Hyde Andrews
3rd Maddannia

Mrs Corbould

Novice Anglo/Part bred Stallion, Mare, Gelding
1st Kehayes Lord of the Dance
  Mrs Barton
2nd Wentward Royal Symphony
  A. Phillip
3rd Streamcross Andante
Mrs Stevens

Pure bred Stallion
1st and Ridden Champion Shadow Blue
  Mr and Mrs Titterington
2nd Silent Storm
  Mrs Sheward
3rd Nimb

Mr. Aggad

Pure bred Mare
1st Silva Sharde
  Mrs Corbould
2nd Ramilla
  A. Boyle
3rd Kalista

Mrs Rowell

Pure bred Gelding
1st Muscodin
  N. Perry
2nd JOhara El Kheil
  Mrs Marsh
3rd Maleikero
A. Boyle

AA/PB Stallion, Mare, Gelding over `148cms
1st Shilbrook Teasle
  Mrs Hannay

AA/PB Stallion, Mare, Gelding over 148 cms
1st and Reserve Ridden Champion Litton Magical Mistral
  V and A Lucas
2nd Highland Reel
  Mrs Williams
3rd Pencefn Aristocrat
L. Burgess

Young Riders  
1st Ramilla
  C. Dabbs
2nd Pencefn Aristocrat
  L. Burgess
3rd AA Armani
N. Herberts

Anglo and Part bred Arab Judge: Mrs S. Bundy

AA/PB Mare or gelding
1st and Female Champion Shilbrook Teasle
  Mrs Hannay
2nd and Reserve Female Champion Primo's Gemini Jewel
  S. Denton

AA/PB Stallion
1st and Reserve Male Champion Breinton Royal Pageant
  Mr and Mrs Watkins
2nd Turning Point
  Mrs Lidbury

AA/PB Colt Filly, Gelding 2 or 3 years old
1st Kristal Fortune
  Mrs Bryant
2nd Karzir
  Mrs Bryant
3rd Stemar Imaginaire
Bedford and Harding

AA/PB yearling colt, filly or gelding
1st and Male Champion Langage Prime Time
  Miss W. Harvey
2nd Kristal Fable
  Mrs Bryant


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