23 August 2003


Junior Female
Champion: Catalog number: 20 ATHENAA
Father: Ashal Al Rayyan Mother: Ass Windi (BE)
Breeder: Mrs D Gamlin
Owner: Mrs D Gamlin/B Gamlin/C Ratcliffe
Reserve champion: Catalog number: 53 KRYSTAL TIARA
Father: Eksteem Mother: Khaprice
Breeder: Mr/Mrs Atkin
Owner: Mr/Mrs Atkin
Junior Male
Champion: Catalog number: 44 JUDALS MIRAGE
Father: Ruger Mother: Tea Mira
Breeder: J Pyrah/A Hunt
Owner: J Pyrah/A Hunt
Reserve champion: Catalog number: 100 EZ AZNIAH EL SHAKLAN
Father: Raji Mother: Az Bazia
Breeder: Mrs/Miss Gore
Owner: Mrs/Miss Gore
Senior Female
Champion: Catalog number: 107 LOUBNA
Father: Imperial Imdal Mother: Imperial Kalatifa
Breeder: Ariela AS
Owner: Ariela & M/s J Ware
Reserve champion: Catalog number: 137 A LITTLE PASSION
Father: Ansata Nile Pasha Mother: Bint El Sanaa
Breeder: Mr/Mrs M Gamlin
Owner: Mrs D Gamlin
Senior Male
Champion: Catalog number: 160 AS NATSIR APAL
Father: ibn Estasha Mother: Saskia RJ
Breeder: De Mulder
Owner:Shaikh Anmar bin Hamaid al-Nuani
Reserve champion: Catalog number: 164 ALI KHAN
Father: Al Hakeem Mother: Shareen
Breeder: Mr E Jones
Owner: Mr R Poulter
Champion: Catalog number: 206 RUSHKAR
Father: El Saleem Mother: Rullante
Breeder: Mr & Mrs Coward
Owner: Miss A Burr
Reserve champion: Catalog number: 180 DANCIN DREAM
Father: Ibn Charismma Mother: Perfidia
Breeder: Mr/Mrs Foreman
Owner: Mr/Mrs Foreman
Champion: Catalog Number: 436 PHA SILVERN RISALM
Father: Silvern Sceptre. Mother: Rislina
Breeder: Mr & Mrs Peck
Owner: Mrs T McCarthy
Reserve Champion: Catalog Number: 400 JAWHARI
Father: Djammal Mother: Sylvan Grace
Breeder: Mrs T McCarthy Mr/Mrs Carr
Owner: Ms Allen/Mr Harris

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