Midlands Arabian Festival

Malvern, Worcs, 29 June

Judges :
Pure-bred in-hand females (S Eberhardt)
Pure in-hand male (A Hedley)
Palomino in-hand (G Colbourne)

Anglo/Pb in-hand (A Angold)
Ridden (N Fuller)


Yearling Filly
1st & Jnr Fem Ch Alilah Ghaaliyah D Smith
2nd Narissa C Chillingworth
3rd Lianna E Jones

Senior Yearling Filly
1st Aazaria S Lugrin
2nd Khara L Carter
3rd Zahra bint Sayalan J Lowe

Female 2 year old
1st MG Saffire M Gamlin
2nd AJA Santasia M Hickford
3rd FS Cinderella J Lowe

Female 3 year old

1st Shifali Carr & McCormick
2nd AJA Ceceilia M Hickford
3rd Movinka D Smith

Mare with foal

1st Meenah A Ware
2nd Affinity H Gough


1st Meenuki A Ware
2nd Un-named H Gough

Junior Barren Mare

1st & res snr fem ch Satin Lady N Arnold
2nd Bint Al Jiwan J Paget
3rd BJA Savannah G Cairn

Senior Barren Mare

1st & res sup, Kasharima Chillingworth
2nd Aloysia N Stephen
3rd Ewoluta W Carr

Yearling Colts

1st & res jun male MG Dubai Biles Spencer & Despy
2nd Estisha W Howell
3rd Lumiere S Richard

Senoir Yearling Colts

1st SG Baryshnikov S George
2nd Psyche's Boy Carr & Rodger
3rd Aameer L Smith

2 Year Old Colts
1st Mykah Keen & Griffith
2nd Gladiator S Clyma
3rd AH Djava Bey C Chrisholm

3 Year Old Colts

1st & jun male ch EA Azniah Shaklan K Gore
2nd Eddashaan P Bunt
3rd Mazeer ibn Maarouf L Maryon

Junoir Geldings

1st & geld ch Prestige H Hill
2nd Kingslea Kadinski C Ward

Senoir Geldings

1st & res Shaylas Attraction W Howell
2nd Shada K Gore
3rd El Carmelle D Tryhorn

Junior Stallion

1st & Sup Ch Ffoenix G Teague
2nd & Res Snr Male Akhenaten A Prothero
3rd RV Heir Apparent C Fowler

Int Stallion

1st Oroyon's Prince M Parfitt
2nd Om El Shaheen W Carr
3rd Applauz A Davis

Snr Stallion

1st Edeon P Lindsay
2nd Az Zeem Y Jaundrell
3rd Ali Nebal R Thomas

Palomino Yearlings

1st & ch Shulay Gold Rush P Gribben
2nd Zyda Dancing Chardonay P Thornhill
3rd Bordersley Golden Sparkle M Norris

2/3 Year Olds

1st Pewit Dancing Master C Hassell
2nd Meillon Golden Mist J Duke

4 Year Olds & Over

1st Colebridge Miracle Gold D Webb
2nd Krysto Easter Surprise S Cousin
3rd Shulay Silver'n'Gold M Edwards

Young Handler

1st   J Blunt
2nd   J O'Grady
3rd   C Cartmale

Veteran In Hand

1st Vlacq Garnet S Cole

1st Brimblemere Valient A Boyle
2nd Vlacq Garnet  

Anglo/pb in-hand 3 & under
1st Mettlewood Francescas Gem N Hutton-McKenzie
2nd Mettlewood Jubilee Tribute N Hutton-McKenzie
3rd Mettlewood Sheer Divine N Hutton-McKenzie


1st & Fem Ch Whalton Blues Singer R Barton
2nd & Res Sameon Eternal Elegance M Morgan
3rd Enrica C Mason


1st & Res Male Wrenthorpe Romeo A Ray
2nd Oakhayes Lord of the Dance R Barton'
3rd Moonshine Gamble D May


1st & Ch Male Breinton Royal Pageant A Watkin


1st Muzaliah M Wragg
2nd HS Azure A Boyle
3rd White China Bay R Georgeson

HOYS Pure Bred Mare

1st Ramilla C Dabb
2nd Crystal Sahara Z King
3rd Aurellia C Phillip


1st & Res Maleikero A Boyle
2nd Luzhana's Stargazer S George
3rd Nayinski C Ratcliffe


1st & Ch Shadow Blue R Titterington
2nd Notoriouz E Mann-Wernsten
3rd Nimb T Aggad

Ridden Anglo 153cm

1st Sorayas Touch of Fidelity J Payne
2nd Lydden Bewitched J King
3rd Elswood Georgian Lace R Hersey

Ridden Anglo Over 153cm

1st Prince Oberon S Linndsay
2nd He's A Diamond M Waring


1st Lord of the Dance  
2nd Millyonair H Owen
3rd Contmporary Times V Bicham

Pure Bred Mare

1st & Ch Muzaliah M Wragg
2nd Christi M Harper
3rd Cisowka R Turner


1st G Lazelot R Edward
2nd Zayyani A Randall
3rd Kaaih C Thorne


1st Edeon P Lindsay
2nd Al Galero E Duggan
3rd G Absolute P Crick

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