Westpoint, Exeter 15-17 May

CLASS Pure Bred Arab B' Mare
Place   Horse Owner
1 Grey Giselle M Harris
2 Lady Fay Mrs Z N Paramore

CLASS Barren Mare
Place   Horse Owner
1 Talulah Miss H M Tolchard
2 Aloysia Mrs N M Stephens
3 Phoebee Miss A J Holloway

CLASS Yearling Filly
Place Horse Owner
1 & Ch T S Halinaah Mrs M J Smith
2 & res Aazaria Mrs S Lugrin
3 Destiny's Diamond Miss C Fowler

CLASS 2 Year Old Filly

Place   Horse Owner
1 Samphire Bint Salome M Harris
2 R V Velaraya J M & Mrs Parfitt
3 Madge M Harris

CLASS 3 Year Old Filly
Place   Horse Owner
1 Haleika J S & Mrs Adkins
2 Aja Bint Estasha M A & Mrs Abbott-Compton
3 Montaara Mrs P I Paton

CLASS Yearling Colt
Place   Horse Owner
1 & Ch SG Pascali Miss S George
2 Notorious PSY A & Mrs V Brown
3 Aameer Mrs L Smith

CLASS Two Year Old Colt
Place   Horse Owner
1 & Res Mykah Ms J M Keen & A Griffiths
2 SG Fflute Miss S George
3 HS Mirzan Mrs S Watts

CLASS Three Year Old Colt
Place   Horse Owner
1 Pffokus P R Wainwright

CLASS Stallion
Place   Horse Owner
1 RV Heir Apparent Miss C Fowler
2 HS Prym Mrs S Watts
3 Elist Miss P M Lindsay

CLASS Open Gelding
Place   Horse Owner
1 Dancin Dream M D & Mrs Forema
2 Chi Lin Tarquin Miss T L Atherton
3 Eternal Spirit Miss S A Tyne

CLASS Anglo/part-bred Arabs y'ling
Place   Horse Owner
1 Mahogany Bay M Harris
2 Mellway Precious Rose Mrs J Hutchings
3 Ashford Valley Silk Moth W Lucas

CLASS Anglo/part-bred Arabs 2 - 3 Year Old
Place   Horse Owner
1 & Ch Chaceside Coincidence Miss J Taylor
2 Apres Tout A C Beaven
3 Vlacq Amber Orchid Mrs J V Streeter

CLASS mare/stallion/gelding
Place   Horse Owner
1 & Res Sweet Dream Mrs S J Golombeck
2 Rosewall Heaven Sent Mrs M G Turner
3 Cupidhill Grand Marnier Mrs A Pritchard-Simmons

CLASS Ridden Arabs pure-bred
Place   Horse Owner
1 & Ch Allesandro Mrs D M Batten
2 & Res Saroukh P R Wainwright
3 Majestic Cavalier Mrs H Hyde-Andrews

CLASS Anglo/part-bred
Place   Horse Owner
1 Towan Barnaby Rudge M E & Mrs Hannam
2 Seville Prince Mrs D A Montgomery
3 Soroya's Touch Of Fidelity J A & Mrs Payne

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