BOLTON ARAB SHOW - 21st June 2003
Results kindly supplied by BRENDA MARSH



Class 1: Pure Bred Yearling Colts  
1st LA Picasso Ex: A. Taylor

Class 2: Pure Bred Arab Yearling Fillies:  
1st & Res Ch HT Naomi (Res Ch.) Ex: Miss L. Rankin
2nd HT Faberge Ex: Mr & Mrs Woodward
3rd Zaiesha Ex: E. Waite

Class 3: Pure Bred Arab 2/3 yr old Colts:

1st Ohio Ex: Miss D. Hill

Class 4: Pure Bred Arab 2/3 yr old Fillies:  
1st Ch & Sup Ch HT Ormuz Ex: Mr & Mrs Woodward
2nd Appassionata Ex: Mrs B & Miss V Marsh
3rd Kammilla Ex: Miss M Rumsam

Class 5: Pure Bred Arab 1/2/3 yr old Geldings:  
1st Chanzes R Ex: Mrs J Topping
2nd Bendaross Ex: M Wilcock
3rd BH Azahli Ex: Miss D Scott-Fowler

Class 6: Pure Bred Arab Mares 4 yrs old & over  
1st HT Obsession Ex: Mr & Mrs Woodward
2nd Tara Shaklana Ex: Ms J Dickinson
3rd Levetta Ex: Mrs L Green

Class 7: Pure Bred Arab Geldings 4 yrs old & over  
1st HT Favio Ex: Mr A J Davies
2nd Sheikh El Badhas Ex: A Southworth
3rd Dashiek Ex: Miss L Johnson

Class 8: Pure Bred Arab Stallions 4 yrs old & over  
1st Ellectron Ex: Miss S. Brown
2nd Omar El Kheil Ex: S. Bibby

Anglo/Part-Bred Arab In-Hand Classes

Class 9: Anglo/Part-Bred Arab Stallions 4 yrs old & over  
1st Ch AA/PBA & Res Sup Ch Stychlands Noble Heir Ex: Mrs. M. Beeston

Class 10: Anglo/Part-Bred Arab Mares & Geldings 4 yrs old & over  
1st BH Arizona Ex: Mrs N & Miss S C Helliwell

Class 11: Anglo/Part-Bred Arab Yearling not ex. 153 cms at maturity  
1st Tempest Solomon Seal Ex: Mrs k Holt

Class 12: Anglo/Part-Bred 2 & 3 yrs old not ex 153 cms at maturity  
1st Res Ch AA/PBA Chasecroft Dimple Ex: Mrs. M. Ogden

Class 13: No Entries

Class 14: Anglo/Part-Bred Arab 2/3 yrs old exc. 153 cms at maturity  
1st Wards Place Lolita Ex: K Walsh

RIDDEN CLASSES: Judge - Ms. A. Mitchell

Class 15: Novice Ridden Pure Bred Stallions/Mares/Geldings  
1st Kaaih Ex: Miss C L Thorne
2nd Shadenco Ex: S Cuddon
3rd El Cheszaar Ex: C Beswick-Wild

Class 16: Open Ridden Pure Bred Mares  
1st Mandala Ex; S Loughlin
2nd Cleotte Ex: G Topping

Class 17: Open Ridden Pure Bred Stallions/Geldings  
1st Maleikero Ex: A Boyle
2nd Rashiek Ibn Malik Ex: Mr & Mrs M A Johnson
3rd Moon Magician Ex: Dr. S. Taylor-Green


1st El Rafeek Ex: J Smith
2nd Dahabb Ex: E. Mercer

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