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Elaine Mann

NGAHS annual show held at Wetherby Racecourse 12/08/01

Anglo & Part bred Arabs In – hand Judge : Miss J Connolly

Class 1, Gelding or Mare with or without foal at foot 4 Y.O. & over not exceeding 14.2hh 1st &  senior female champ. Ben Neagh Miss Primince, Mrs J Fox.

Class 2. Gelding or Mare with or without foal at foot 4 Y.O. & over exc. 14.2hh 1st  & Res Senior Male Champ.  Smooth Operator, Mrs P Gula-Walker,2nd BH Arizona, Mrs & Miss Helliwell. 3rd Fairlyn First Edition, Miss L Stainburn.

Senior Anglo Arab Male Champion - Telynau Piersporter

Class 4. Stallion 4 Y.O. & over. 1st & Senior Male Champ. Telynau Piersporter, Mrs Y Selby.

Class 5. Veteran. 1st Granby Tessa Gillian, Daphne Bamforth

Class 8. Yearling,Colt Filly or Gelding 1st & Res Junior Female Champ Ben Neagh Georgies Surprise, Mrs J Fox.

Class 9. 2 Y.O. Colt,filly or gelding. 1st & Junior male champ. King’s Ainjel, Miss T E Moulden. 2nd  & Res junior male champ. BH Dominion Mrs & Miss Helliwell. 3rd Okeden Thomas, Mrs H Hubbold.

Class 10. 3 Y.O. colt filly or gelding. 1st Archwood Animation, Mrs Y Selby. 2nd Hollywood Planet, Mr & Mrs Metcalfe.3rd Ben Neagh Flighty Fox, Mrs J Fox.

Class 11. 1,2 or3 Y.O. Colt filly or gelding to exc. 14.2hh 1st & junior female champ. Archwood Animation Mrs Y Selby.2nd  Ben Neagh Georgies Surprise, Mrs J Fox. 3rd Hollywood Planet, Mr & Mrs Metcalf.

PURE BRED GELDINGS – Judge Miss J Connolly

Class 15. 1,2 or3 Y.O. Geldings 1st & Res Champ. HT Nyrobi, M Hesketh. 2nd Astrologer Mrs Givens & Miss Ing. 3rd Parsifal, C T Horrox.


Class 16 Geldings 4 & Over 1st & Geld Champ. Azlal, Wilson/Grogan. 2nd HT Tobruk, Mrs J Denton. 3rd Silvern Crown, Mr & Mrs Stimpson.


Class 18. Yearling Colt. 1st & Res junior male Champ. L A Exdream, Mr A McGregor. 2nd AG El Hhalif, Glover & Guest. 3rd EA Azniah El Shaklan, Mr & Mrs W & Miss K Gore.

Junior Male Champion - Mareen

Class19. 2 & 3 Y.O. Colts. 1st & junior male champ. Mareen (DE), Ms Pyrah & Mr Hunt. 2nd The Talisman, Mrs S A Holland. 3rd Sabukkhan of Brooklynne Mrs M E Pridmore.

Junior Female Champion - Fiarina

Class 22 Yearling Fillies. 1st & Res junior female champ. Fiarina, J Cutforth. 2nd EA Amellia, The Gore Family. 3rd HT Organza, Mr A J Hallworth.

Class 23. 2 & 3 Y.O. fillies. 1st & junior female champ. Jualifah, Ms Pyrah & Mr Hunt. 2nd Pristinya, A.M. Arabians. 3rd Fiyah Rhossilli, Mr & Mrs A B Hill.

Senior Male Champion - Carmargue Too

Class 26. Stallions 4 Y.O. & over. 1st & Senior male champ Carmargue Too, Mrs J & Miss J Greenwood. 2nd Crystal Raj, Mrs G Mills, 3rd CAS Ravel, Miss G Rees.

Class 27. Veteran Stallion. 1st & Res senior male champ. Silver Satyr, Mr & Mrs Titterington.

Senior Female & Overall Champion - Helawi Ashgar Bint Roulette

Helawi Ashgar Bint Roulette and friends

Class 29. Mare W/O foal. 1st,senior female Champ, Pure Bred Champ and Overall Champ.Helawi Ashgar Bint Roulette, A M Arabians. 2nd,Res senior female champ & res Pure bred in hand champ Marina B, Mr & Mrs Hickford. 3rd Friskhea, Mrs B Carter-Mouat.

Class 30. Brood Mare with foal at foot. 1st Zuleena, Mrs A Harris, 2nd Sumayyah, Mrs A Potts. 3rd Marquessa PA, Sutherland & Dean.

Filly Foal

Class 31. Foal. 1st Unnamed,Mr & Mrs Keegan, 2nd unnamed, Mrs A Potts. 3rd LTF Narada, Mrs P Crick.

Class 32. Veteran Mare. 1st Lilac Flight, J & W Marr, 2nd Oleander, Mr & Mrs Wood.

PURE BRED RIDDEN – Judge: Mrs K Oldroyd

Class 36a Novice Stallion,mare or gelding. 1st Silver Ffate, Mrs D Atkin, 2nd Ffortune, Mr & Mrs Beverley, 3rd Khasab, Baldwin/Chappell.

Class 36b. Novice stallion, mare or gelding. 1st Crown Prince of Silver Blue, Mr & Mrs Titterington. 2nd Oscar Dareem, Mr & Mrs Cornes. 3rd Decadariss Ludecco, Miss S Pilkington.

Champion Ridden Gelding - Johara El Kheil

Class 37a. Geldings 4 Y.O. & Over HOYS Qualifier. 1st & Res Champ. Johara El Kheil, Mrs & Miss Marsh. 2nd Muzereon, Mrs M Walker, 3rd Zelek, Ms L Crookhall.

Class 37b. Mares 4 Y.O. & over HOYS qualifier. 1st Aureida, Campbell/Bruce. 2nd Marzookah, Dr J Alexander. 3rd Kazmiera, Mrs J Tonge.

Champion Overall Ridden Stallion - Nayinski

Class 38  Stallion 4 Y.O. & over HOYS qualifier. 1st & Champ & Overall ridden champ. Nayinski, Mr & Mrs Ratcliffe. 2nd Bey Noah, P E Grant.

A.A. & Part Bred Arab Ridden Classes – Judge: Mrs K Oldroyd.

Class 40 Novice Stallion, mare or gelding. 1st Maximillion of Oakwood, Mr & Mrs P Tiger. 2nd Wrenthorpe Reminiscence, P Langrick. 3rd Small-Land Matador, S Millington.

Ben Neagh Mystic Moth

Class 41 Stallion, mare or gelding not exc. 148cm. 1st & Champ. Ben Neagh Mystic Moth, C Flather. 2nd Cat Burglar, Miss F Hartley. 3rd Hollyhill Drum Major, Mrs V Nelson.

Class 42. Stallion, mare or gelding over 148cm not exc. 153 cms. 1st Maurab, Mrs C Fitch. 2nd Shadinsky, Dr M Charlton-Mockett. 3rd Wrenthorpe Reminiscence, P Langrick.

Class 43. Stallion, mare or gelding 4 Y.O. & over exc. 153cms. 1st Maximillian of Oakwood, Mr & Mrs P Tiger. 2nd Ivor’s Quest. 3rd Fairlyn First Edition, L Stainburn.

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