LIZ SALMON 17/08/2001

The second UK Egyptian Event was held on August 4th and 5th in the newly renovated Equine center at Addington Buckingham. The facilities were superb, with two huge indoor schools, bar and restaurant, outside dressage arenas, and all set in beautiful British parkland. The only draw back was the lack of entries, and the PA system not reaching the rather far off stabling area. This show was started by Merylyn Drain, and it has taken a lot of hard work to organise. She is very ready to listen to complaints and suggestions, and by next year the wrinkles should be ironed out to make an outstanding and happy show. Certainly the rosettes and trophies were fabulous. The list of sponsors headed by Donald Duke was impressive, the culmination being a cheque for £1000 for the Supreme Show Champion generously donated by Donald Duke.

However, I had a wonderful time. My fellow judges were Dr. Nasr Marei from Egypt, Willy Poth from Germany and Dr. Santoro from Italy. Even thought the entries were small, we had some outstanding horses. We were very level on our scores, and what a joy it was when we all agreed on three 20's for movement, the standard of movement was very good as was the handling. For me personally, it was wonderful to see a much higher standard of feet and legs, than I am accustomed to looking at in the States. I only saw one slight club foot, and very very few calf knees or offset cannons, although most legs are not perfect by any means. When we did vary in scores, it was usually only a point or so apart and often on legs.

The stewards and Angela Angold were absolutely super and very attentive, bringing drinks when wanted, and after a slight confusion the first evening when we arrived, everything went fairly smoothly. We were given wonderful food and wine at lunch and dinner‹something one would never see in the States.

The classes were divided into Straight Egyptian, Related and Influenced, with each division having classes for both males and females of the various age groups. So there was something for everyone, including dressage and ridden horses. We also had costume, and Dr. Marei and I judged the liberty class ‹the easy winner being Emma Maxwell with Belkis Al Badia.

There were rosettes for everyone, which is always nice particularly when they are such attractive ones. We took in turns giving them out at the end of each class. I did receive an uncalled for comment from one of the handlers when I was giving out the rosettes. I personally can give a reason for every placing‹America taught me that, one may not agree with an opinion, but it does the handler no good at all to be impolite.

After all the classes were judged, we had our work cut out naming the Champions. Sometimes we were totally unanimous, and sometimes it was a two to one result. The first Championship was for the Straight Egyptian female. This was won by a very attractive and ethereal mare JA Amazing Grace (AK Ishmael x AK Sharoufa) imported from the US by John and Wendy Marr. Reserve to her was the typey, refined and feminine Kateefah( Kerim Shah xMoneeshah) owned and bred by Ann Potts.

Next were the Straight Egyptian males. Taking this one by storm and a unanimous decision was the outstandingly beautiful Orashaan(Maysoun x Orasha) on lease to the Jones family, his sire won this event last year. Reserve to him was his dark grey son Jedah out of Siametta, a colt with an exquisite head, owned and bred by the Jones family.

Next up were the Egyptian Related Championships. Winning the Female Championship was Haiti Shaklana (MA Alishak x Halina Shaklana) an extremely pretty 2 year old filly, owned by the very excited and well known actress Susan George‹she really appreciated her successes !! Reserve was Meenah (Mukthar x Dimira) a lovely type of mare owned by Mr and Mrs Ware.

Winning the Male Championship in this division was the great moving, exotic headed Ora El Masri (Orashaan x Alianda) owned by Ryan Jones. Reserve was Hakka( Al Hakkim x Kyrenia) another typey good mover, owned by Andrea Taylor.

Finally, in came the horses for the Egyptian Influence Female Championship, this was deservedly won by the most attractive, feminine yearling filly Karalisa (Ibn Charisma x Kalana) owned and bred by Andrea Ware. Reserve was the extremely typey TAS Fascination (Zircon Nazeer x Jemille) owned and bred by Pauline Hitchings.

The males in this division were equally impressive. The Champion was Narissma (WSA Charisma x Nazieka) a typey and correct stallion with good movement. Reserve was Grando (Grenlando x Martina Nareen) a good typey mover with presence, owned and bred by the Jones family.

There followed a Supreme Championship for the Related and Influence Champions and reserves, which was won by Narissma with Ora El Masri Reserve. The Straight Egyptian Supreme Champion was a win for Orashaan with JA Amazing Grace in Reserve.

The Supreme Champion overall and high point winner was a unanimous decision for Orashaan with Narissma Reserve.

During the Saturday evening there was a charity art auction, and apparently a hilarious 'slave' auction with the male handlers being on offer to the highest bidders. The purchaser could do what they wanted with the slave for two hours‹blows ones mind !!

I sincerely hope that this show has all the support it deserves to grow into a first rate show. I believe that next year the Egyptian bred and Influenced horses will be amalgamated, to make for bigger classes. The number of Straight Egyptians in England is rapidly growing, but in Europe they do not have the problem of competing with non straights as they do in the States. I hope to be back there next year as a spectator.

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