Bath & West 31 May-2nd June 2007

Pure-bred Arabs (Mrs F Atkinson, Mrs J Lowe)
mare 1, N Arnold's Satin lady;
2, J Anderson's Maarilou;
3, R Jones's Azzotica.

filly y'ling
1, R Jones's Pseren;
2, M Gamlin's CS Christina;
3, Miss M Pollard's Antoinette.

do 2-y-o
1, Mrs A Potts's Manayah;
2, Miss S Hampton's Angelita;
3, Mr & Mrs G Bond's HS Viva.

do 3-y-o
1 & ch, N Arnold's Cat Walk;
2, Mrs S Reeves's SA Gazaalia.

colt/gelding y'ling
1 & res, Mrs J Fraser-brown's Orion OS;
2, R Jones's Master Peace.

do 2-y-o
1, T Aggad's Namrood;
2, Mrs C Wedley's AA Labid;
3, Miss G Allen's Zaak.

do 3-y-o
1, Miss S Hampton's Vennvali;
2, R Jones's Prince Psyche.

do 4-y-o & over
1, Miss S Tyne's Eternal Spirit;
2, Miss S Warne's Shadli;
3, Mrs E Vincent's Edwoode.

1, Cornick & Kirkland's Centurionn;
2, Miss C Fowler's Pffokus;
3, Stafford Charles's Mykah.

Anglo/part-bred Arabs (Mrs D McDonald-Bassett)

filly 1/2/3-y-o 148cms
1, M Reeves's Stanley Grange Cock Robin;
2, Turberry Stud's Turberry Miss Moppett;
3, Mrs J Nicholls's Trellech Fantasy.

y'ling colt/gelding
1, Mrs S Carpenter's Chiddock Sky Light;
2, Sandison & Eccles's Bankswood Sophistication;
3, Miss L Pepper's Wrenwood Jobyan.

do 2/3-y-o
1 & ch, Mrs J Buckley's Waltza Perfect Dream;
2, Mrs L Lidbury's Good Turn;
3, Mrs K Hillman's Kelmstone Sea Otter.

do 3-y-o
1, H Hoy's Deanshill Prince Regent;
2, Turberry Stud's Renelles Regal Romance;
3, Mrs S Berry's Traemarr Seattle.

4-y-o & over
1 & res, Miss D Lee's Bradmore Chit Chat;
2, J Harforth's Stanley Grange Heaven Sent;
3, Mrs J Rucklidge's Jackets Maybee.

ridden (Mrs J Lowe, Miss J Woodward) gelding
1, Mrs G Ayub's Dream Catcher;
2, Mrs H Hyde-Andrews's Magestic Cavalier;
3, Miss V Lucas's Grenade.

1, S Rose's Shayna Maydel;
2, Mrs B Matthews's Jameer;
3, Mrs S Coombes's Eastworth Ahmoshini.

1 & res, Mrs J Evans's Toman;
2, S George's Bolaero;
3, Mrs S Murphy's Sorrento.

Anglo/part-bred 153cm
1, Miss C Brookes's Rosedale Dominion;
2, Mrs K Knock's Wychenlea Accolade;
3, Mrs C Burrough's Broadbeech Premier.

over 153cm
1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J East-Rigby's Traemarr manhattan;
2, Mrs J Keeley's Desert Gayle;
3, Mr & Mrs D Whittard's Comanche Deuce.

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