Minions Moorland Endurance Ride

Nicky Sherry with her British Team Horse "Bella Joya"
(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

The 80 km Minions Challenge Endurance Ride on Bodmin Moor attracted a quality entry of 11 horses, with another 90 competing in the supporting classes. The first 40 km loop took in varied terrain as the horses made their way over Sharptor, through Smallacombe Plantation, round the lovely open stretches of East Moor, back through the Plantation and the run to home through the standing stones of the Hurlers for vet gate 1.

3 experienced competitors were first out of the vetgate, Jill Thomas and "Tarafiya", local rider Nicky Sherry with her British Team Horse "Bella Joya" and Julie Pedder from Shaftesbury in Dorset with "Lady Christal", Wessex Group Champion in 2000. This group stayed together until disaster struck Julie just 8 kms from the second vet gate when "Chrissie" pulled a shoe. With the farrier busy at the venue replacing lost shoes, Julie decided to ride steadily back to the vet gate, but was 30 minutes behind the other 2 by the time the shoe was back on.

Jill was first back out on course for the final 10 km loop, and some 40 minutes later came cantering back through the finish to win the class, "Bella Joya" took 2nd place , with Julie and "Lady Christal" in third. 4th place went to a delighted Margaret Bell whose "Seurat" had also lost a lot of time when he lost a shoe on the second loop. The 5th and final finisher was Veryan Barneby and "Yuklid".

  • 1st - Jill Thomas and "Tarafiya" - Pure bred gelding Bajazeth - Dhawa

  • 2nd - Nicky Sherry and "Bella Joya" - Pure bred mare Fuego - Talima

  • 3rd - Julie Pedder and "Lady Christal" - Part bred mare by Goldrobber

  • 4th - Margaret Bell and "Seurat" - Pure bred gelding Galliard - Sarazeena

  • 5th - Veryan Barneby and "Yuklid" - Pure bred gelding by Yahmur.

Jill Thomas and Tarafiya at final vetting
(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

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