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11th NOVEMBER 2002

(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

25 horses in all started (smaller number than the last couple of years) and 14 finished. The last across the line was more than an hour slower than the winner !

1st Tokar Ibn Teelah Pure bred gelding (Chezaan- Lyndham Teelah)
Owned by Michael & Catherine Drummond
Ridden by John Croft
Time 1 hour 34.02
The Marathon Challenge Trophy & £1,000
The Cecil Hough Memorial Trophy (Best Pure bred)
Axholme Trophy (Best Condition)

(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

The winner Tokar ibn Teelah, a very successful Endurance horse, he is normally partnered by Natalie Noke (Mike & Catherine's daughter) or Catherine's sister Shelagh Bunn, "Tosca's" most recent success was 3rd place and best condition award in the 100km class at Summer Solstice. In his first attempt at the Marathon in 1998 he finished 2nd

2nd Selkis Part bred mare (Shabako - Tanta Flame)
Owned by Gilly Metherall
Ridden by Lindsay Salter
The Leigh Plate (Best Part bred)

(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

2nd placed Selkis, home bred by Gilly Metherall ran twice at Huntingdon and has now turned her hoof to endurance riding with Britsh International rider Lisa Franks. Selkis has upgraded to Intermediate and should go advanced next year.

3rd Oberlix Pure bred stallion (Aboud - Omeya)
Owned by Dr M Kiley Worthington
Ridden by Chris Rendle

(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

Oberlix was 2nd in the 2000 marathon ridden by his owner/breeder Dr Kiley-Worthington, and was beaten by his daughter Shemal. This year he was ridden by Chris Rendle, who has an amazing record in this event, first competing in it in 1979 and collecting several placings before winning in 2000 on Shemal. Oberlix is an allrounder competing in dressage and endurance, and works on the land at home.

4th The Silver Gambler Pure bred gelding (Platinum Domino - Souhoura)
Owned by Jo Holman
Ridden by Kevin Waterman

(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

The Silver Gambler, is well known in Arab racing, winning recently at Goodwood. He was also invited to parade at the Crabbet Convention at Merrist Wood in September. He has also taken up endurance riding and is currently competing at Intermediate level. He was partnered by Kevin Waterman - they took 9th place in the Marathon in 2000

5th Prince of Barrow TB gelding (Branstone Zipper - Unknown)
Owned & Ridden by Rod Leight

6th Franzara Pure bred mare (Bonanza - Treeyews Farona)
Owned & ridden by Lesley Dunn
Shasta Cup (Best pure bred mare)

(Photo courtesy of Eric G Jones 01747 860625)

In 6th place Franzara, owned bred and ridden by Lesley Dunn. An accomplished Endurance horse - Franzara has won rides up to 80kms, and in 1999 completed th Marathon in 1hour 50mins. Lesley is no stranger to Marathon success - she won in 1986 on Franzara's sire, Bonanza

7th Khanspur Pure bred gelding (Khalaq - Ciarosa)
Owned & riden by Paul Titcomb

8th Al-Jabal Pure bred gelding (Rouse Nefous - Magic Irida)
Owned & ridden by Brian Boulton
Mahouri Trophy (Best veteran - aged 19)

Khanspur (grey ) and Al-Jabal (chestnut) rode the last circuit together and in a racing finish, Khanspur (aged 8) pipped Al-Jabal (aged 19) at the post. Both have enjoyed success on the race course, Khanspur -owned and ridden by Paul Titcomb- is now competing in Endurance and hopefully will progress to Advanced next season. Al-Jabal needs no introduction. He has raced successfully for many years and holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest horse (at 19) to win a race under Jockey Club rules. Last year he took 2nd place in the Marathon partnered by Brian Boulton, as he was this year

9th Al Reeh Janoob Pure bred stallion (Chatanz - Shuwaimeh bint Warda)
Owned by Jenny Lees
Ridden by Amanda Price

10th Sahirrah Silver Moon Pure bred gelding (Imrah - Sahirah Elleila)
Owned and ridden by Jo Trego

11th Astral Gem Pure bred gelding (Neposnij - Autumn Astral)
Owned by Mrs P Godfrey
Ridden by Georgina Godfrey
Aitken Cup (Best young rider)

12th Majestic Omar Pure breed gelding (Baywood - Golden Crystal)
Owned by Andrew Coombs
Ridden by Barbara Coombs

13th Appalousie Firefly Appaloosa part bred arab gelding (Ibn Hanif - Ladybird)
Owned & ridden by Pam Jordan

14th Saalsk Pure bred gelding (Vadeer - Sky Silhouette)
Owned by HH Sheikh Mohamed bni Rashid Al Maktoum
Ridden by Nikki Malcolm

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