Combined St Meubreds & Jigsaw Puzzle Ride:

Combined St Meubreds & Jigsaw Puzzle Ride

South West endurance riders were out in force for the first two competitive rides of the season. Both the Jigsaw Puzzle Ride and Blue Chip St Meubred’s were full before the closing dates for entries.

The popular Jigsaw Puzzle Ride is not only the oldest endurance ride in Cornwall, it first took place in the 1970s, but is always the first competitive ride of the season.

“The day before the ride was dreadfully wet,” said Ride Organiser, Charlene Derbyshire. “As it turned out, the sun shone all day, we had over 100 competitors and pleasure riders, and everyone enjoyed themselves.”

Among the competitors were Jo Claridge and her husband, Peter, competing together for the first time in eight years. A very busy person, Jo is both the Vice Chairman of Endurance GB and Rides Co-ordinator for the South West.

Jo Claridge, Vice Chairman of EGB and husband Peter at the Jigsaw Puzzle ride.
Photo by Martin Broadfoot

A couple of weeks after Jigsaw, she was hard at work again, as organiser of the Blue Chip St Meubred’s Ride at Cardinham.

Competitors and pleasure riders enjoyed a route that used quiet lanes, bridleways and the beautiful winding tracks in Cardinham and Laneskin woods. The most popular part of the ride and the fastest, is the glorious canter across the grassland of Cardinham Downs on the way back to the venue.

Several steep uphill pulls make St Meubred’s quite a tough ride but despite this all the competitors in the 80 km (50 mile) class finished successfully and their horses passed the compulsory veterinary inspection. Nicky Routledge and her Arab Ca Shia Merisha won the award for the lowest heart rate.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Blue Chip, there were prizes in all the competitive classes. In Class 2 (65 km) Philippa Davidson’s Master Flash had the lowest pulse, in Class 3 (50 km) it was Ingrid Smith’s Kotecska, in Class 4 (50 km Novice) it was Judy White’s Aurontes, and in Class 5 (32 km) Nick Sherry’s Shimmering Blue Jasmine.

In Class 6 (32 km Novice) Victoria Petit and Mirage Jazzy not only had the lowest pulse, they also picked up the Farrier’s Award for the Best Shod Horse for their farrier, Nick Lee of Totnes.

The Junior Rider’s prize went to Sarah Arthur on Ashan. The Best Young Rider was Shannon Smith on her pony, Bomber. The Youngest Rider was Vikki Rawcliffe on Coconut Crazy and the best Veteran Horse award was a tie between Paula Steer’s Emily and Jan James’ Steel Tobias, both aged 19 years.

The Best Veteran in the Pleasure Ride class (32 km) was Sydney (aged 22) ridden by Ann Gresham.

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