Press release – Carn Marth Ride:

Press release – Carn Marth Ride Sunday 7th Sept

The countryside surrounding Redruth and Cambourne in Cornwall doesn’t immediately leap to mind as an ideal area for endurance riding but, as every local rider knows, it has hidden potential.

Among the disused chimneys, engine houses and old mine workings, there are masses of bridleways, green roads and multi-use tracks that are linked together to form the amazing 20 mile route of the Carn Marth Endurance Ride.

“We do have the most road crossing stewards at any ride in the south west,” said ride organiser Alex Prout. “There are seven altogether, all manned by volunteer helpers. I couldn’t put on the ride without them.”

There were 66 competitors and pleasure riders at the ride last Sunday, who enjoyed this year’s rarity – a dry and sunny day without a single drop of rain.

Crews meeting their riders en route do have to be good map readers. It’s a complicated route for those new to the area. Fortunately the route marking was done by the motorcyclist members of the Cornwall Group of the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF), who are very experienced at marking routes for horse riders. They also patrolled the route while the ride was taking place and demarked at the end of the day.

The riders started from the Scorrier X-Country course and headed southeast to start with, down the Poldice Valley, returning via the Tailings Dam then turning west towards Carharrack Sparry Bottom and on past the Carn Marth open-air theatre site.

The A393 was crossed between Redruth and Pennance and the competitors then continued along the sandy track from Wheal Buller, south of Carnkie, for a small loop around Treskillard, and then on to the green road past Bowling Green and the track around the Carn Brae hill and monument.

From here, the ride skirts Church Coombe before returning across the main road and heading north via Busveal and Vogue back to the venue.

Stony tracks, muddy tracks, grassy tracks and stubble fields – this ride had them all – plus some fantastic views of the hills clad in the russet of autumn bracken with the sea visible in the distance.

Carn Marth this year, was sponsored by Dobson & Horrell and the “Horse Box” feedstore, Brinicombe Equine and First Great Western.

Among the prize winners were Annie Joppie from Goonhavern with Fantom, who won the Best Arab. In the 40 mile class Shannon Smith’s pony Bomber had the Lowest Pulse. Shannon also won the prize as Youngest Rider.

17-year-old Yakamin, ridden by Sue Speed from Minions, had the Lowest Pulse in the 20 mile class and the Lowest Pulse for a Novice was won by Tamzin Williams from Redruth on Ruby’s Moment. The Best Veteran in the competitive classes was Nimbus, aged 30 years, ridden by Trudy Hall from Treviscoe.

Other local winners were Tanya Paul from Redruth on Dixie, who won the Best Shod Prize for their farrier Chris Burtwell of Equine Footcare and Louise Selward on Bella, also from Redruth, was the youngest Pleasure Rider.

Liberty, ridden by Susan Moyle from Camborne, won the Best Condition award and was also Best Veteran in the Pleasure Class.

"Caroline Paget on her young Arab Crystal, riding along the track from Wheal Buller."
Photo by mbaphotos.

Jane Holden

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