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About us:

Cakes Horsewear brought it’s first rugs to market in winter 2007.  The stable rugs are already proving very popular in the arab horse community, with many people returning to repeat order having been delighted with their first rug. With two styles of varying thicknesses, three sizes and four colours, the patented design is getting excellent feedback. 

Although designed as a stable rug, many owners have given fed back that they are keeping their rugs ‘for best’ in prepartation for the upcoming show season or will be using them to gain and keep shiny show coats throughout the summer.

Within the next two month, Cakes will be launching their second edition rug to the collection – the Thermacakes.  As it’s name suggests, this is a wicking rug made from layers that draw moisture from the horses coat (ideal for baths or after exercise).  Advanced orders are now being taken on this rug.  See below for details of both the rugs, FAQs, and how to order & pay.


 Details of the stable rugs:  

  • Cut back neck at the wither for lovely manes
  • Adjustable shoulders to lift the chest
  • Nylon lined for silky coat
  • Closed front for warmth and minimal shoulder rub (400g filling) or
  • Open front with buckles for the conventional look (350g filling)
  • Belly strap and two leg straps to keep the rug in place
  • Snug fit around the bottom with an allowance for tail carriage
  • Small quilted pattern for minimal bulk
  • Strong thick water repellent fabric and hard wearing seams
  • Available in three sizes (see below for details) and four colours (plum. purple, royal blue and bright red) 

Details of the Thermacakes  rugs: 

  • Cut back neck at the wither for lovely manes
  • Adjustable shoulders to lift the chest
  • Layered rich wool material to absorb and transfer moisure from the horse into the air
  • Deep cut to wrap around the horse
  • Adjustable easy fix chest clip fastenings
  • Under the belly cross surcingles and a fillet string design
  • Available in a rich burgundy colour (see the Cakes Logo)
  • Available from 5ft to 7ft increments 

Q What sizes are available/what should I order?


Stable rugs are available in 3 sizes:


66” – this fits my chunky but shortish (ie 14.1hh) arab this is like a small 5’6

(my friends 13.2hh chunky fell pony fits in one of these!)


70” and fits my 15.2hh arab (this is a perfect 5’9 equivalent)


72” and is like a small 6ft


If you want to measure, take a tape measure (if they will let you!!) and measure from the middle of the chest to the edge of the tail…then match it to the nearest size above. So if your sizw comes up at say 69”, go up ie go for the 70”. The rugs do tend to come up a little on the small size from other rugs so if in doubt, please get in touch.


Thermacakes rugs are available from 5ft to 7ft in 3” increments


Q What’s the best way of putting on the closed fronted stable rug?


A The easiest way is to hold the rug at the front of you at the neck end nearest your chest.  Hold it as if you were going to put it over your head with a hand either side (the bulk of the rug is at your feet with the open belly side against your front). Stand to the side of your horse and raise the rug so they can see light through the neck opening and pop it over their head.  Spin the body of the rug around and up over the horses body and and secure it.  The reverse works well in taking the rug off. 


 Q How do the leg straps work on the stable rugs?


A The straps go around the legs and fasten, they do not cross.  This keeps the rug nicely in place without restricting movement.


Q Can I wash my rugs?

A Yes! Our stable rugs are washable on a cool wash and you should just use a small amount of normal washing powder (we would suggest non bio and no softener).  Do up the straps/buckles for the washing cycle and just allow the rug to dry naturally after a spin.  Avoid using any bleach products. 

Thermacakes rugs can also be washed but do them on a wool cycle and use a mild wool detergent. 

Q Can I tumble dry my rugs?

A No, this may shrink your rugs – we recommend just letting them dry naturally somewhere warm

Q If I buy the wrong size rug, can I exchange it for a different size?

A Yes of course, but please make sure you try the rug on over another clean dry rug when you first get it so that it is not marked or dirty if you need to send it back. For health reasons we cannot accept the return of rugs that are worn, dirty or hairy. Please be considerate :) 

Q How should I store my rugs?

A If your rugs are not being used, they will store happily in an air tight container. We recommend you store them after they have been washed and throughly dried. Tip: Store them with a tumble dryer liner – your horse will smell peachy when they first wear their rugs for the season!

Q How can I order/pay?

A By sending an e-mail to Claire Ford on

or by phone/text to 07782 137082

where you can arrange payment via cheque or direct phone/internet banking


or you can order and pay directly on the website via Paypal at